FM Executives face ever-growing pressure to improve the efficiency of their estates: Accessing useful evidence-based data to make informed decisions has typically been difficult, either based on inaccurate manual readings, or patchy point-in-time information from traditional BMS systems.

Spica offers alternative mechanisms for success, using simple, low-cost sensor devices to provide valuable contextualised data in real-time. This is a key enabler in providing Smart, Resilient, Sustainable and Productive buildings.

Through insight and connected technology, we have built a number of innovative, connected solutions and services - providing huge improvements around building efficiency, customer service and contract yield; ultimately helping increase contract retention and winning new customers. In addition, we can build bespoke services tailored to your individual needs.
We understand the demands and pain points of Estate and Facilities Management Executives.

Together we can support you:
  • Do more with less
  • Improve efficiency, reliability, operational continuity
  • Improve compliance and reporting
  • Manage increasing complexity of buildings
  • Support legacy buildings and legacy systems to provide same service standard as new builds
  • Maintain ageing infrastructure


Rapid Prototype to Production Startup Speed; Enterprise Scale

In addition to the above packaged product offerings, our team can move rapidly from advice to delivery, working in partnership to build, test, refine and deploy customised connected devices solutions that address your commercial demands and operational needs.

Spica will work in partnership with you to identify areas that would benefit most from connected technology.

REQUEST INFORMATION: Customised Solutions