Spica’s Devicepoint® for Smart Cleaning is an IOT solution
that improves the efficiency and long term planning of
cleaning maintenance.

Cleaning is the highest profile activity carried out within an FM contract, and the cleanliness of a washroom/reception area/meeting room etc has a huge impact on the perception rating of the FM Provider.
Combining multiple sensor-driven data feeds (Occupancy, PoA, Customer feedback, Bin levels, Washroom consumable levels etc), we can dramatically improve the effectiveness of Soft FM cleaning services.

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Beyond Cost Saving

  • Reduction in wasted time for the cleaners – avoid cleaning areas that haven’t been used, only empty bins when full, etc.
  • Focus cleaning on high priority areas, using real-time sensor data
  • React to cleaning issues as they occur, improving customer service
  • Predict cleaning patterns using analytics of historical data
  • Proof of Attendance (PoA) tracking of cleaners offers superior control over standard manual sign-in procedures
  • Creation of flexible and agile working practices – potentially share cleaning staff between buildings in nearby locations
  • Cleaning as a service contract/cost model – enabled by evidence based real-time data on cleaning hours delivered/SLA adherence
  • Ensure competitive pricing throughout contract duration
  • Optimise the number of checks carried out
    by maintenance teams