Spica’s Devicepoint® for Workspace is an IOT solution that delivers significant
improvements to office space utilisation and employee wellness/comfort.

Whilst there are a number of existing players in the Workspace Services marketplace, it is well recognized that these typically use older technology, can be very expensive to roll out and difficult to integrate into enterprise applications. In addition they only monitor “Motion” data, which is useful for occupancy, but does not provide any information on comfort. Spica provide a complete range of sensor data including PIR, CO2, Noise, Temperature, VOC’s, Light etc, enabling us to provide complete real-time and long-term trend analytics about worker usage of a building.


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Devicepoint® for Workspace allows FM’s to make informed decisions on future space utilisation. Additionally the real-time data availability makes huge improvements to how workers utilise their workspace.

  • Accurate Space Utilisation reports for Meeting Room/Perm-Hot-desk/Washrooms etc
  • “More than Motion” – sensor data on Comfort levels inc. CO2, VOC’s, Noise, Temp,Humidity, Light
  • Comfort – healthy workers lead to increased employee productivity and staff retention
  • Operational efficiencies – sensor driven evidence-based data to make informed decisions on future space usage
  • Environmental efficiencies – such as reduced energy consumption; quick and cheap comparison on accuracy of BMS data and efficiency of HVAC
  • Data collection for Business Improvement projects – providing a guide for future bids
  • Demonstration of innovation and thought leadership to key stakeholders and clients
  • Enhanced customer experience