Indoor Climate

A more pleasant indoor climate

A building’s structure serves as heat and cold storage. The secret of Ecopilot® is that it utilises the building’s hot and cold thermal storage capacity. In this manner, every building can be controlled optimally based on its conditions.

A good indoor air quality

We actually spend more than 90 per cent of our time indoors. So there is every reason to take the issue of a good indoor climate seriously. Today, it is a well-known fact that all sensory impressions, such as sound, smell, visual impression and atmosphere, affect the human body and influence both physiological and psychological reactions.

Quality assurance of the climate through measurement

By installing Ecopilot® and using the tool Ecopilot® Analysis, you will get control over the most important parameters in order to ensure a good indoor climate. Wireless room sensors and the calculation functions of the Ecopilot® ensure that the indoor temperature is maintained within desirable comfort levels.

CO2 and atmospheric humidity

If you prefer, the room sensors can be supplemented with sensors for measurement of CO2 and atmospheric humidity. Property owners who have full control over the temperature, CO2 level and relative atmospheric humidity in real time in their buildings can always offer their tenants a pleasant and quality assured indoor climate.

Discover the technology behind Ecopilot®

Ecopilot is like eco-driving but for properties!
Get to know the technology behind it and how it can empower your property to overcome challenges.

100,000 feel better

Thanks to Ecopilot® more than 100,000 people have attained both a more pleasant indoor climate and work environment. One of the reasons is the creation of a more even temperature.
An important parameter for the well-being, health and efficiency of humans.


Happy Clients

A Responsible Company

By installing Ecopilot® you will not only save money, increase the value of your property and contribute to the EU’s 2020 targets. Your company will also be recognised as modern and responsible, attributes which naturally affect how your company’s brand is perceived by your industrial piers and local community.