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The Challenge

Crombie REIT strives to make environmental sustainability a part of their everyday decision-making and recognised that Ecopilot® could play a significant role in achieving that. As a result, they installed Ecopilot® to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as improve the internal climate of the facility. Cogswell Tower is BOMA Best Gold Certified and holds a BOMA Nova Scotia Award of Excellence.

The Solution

Ecopilot® was commissioned in 2018 at the 204,013 ft2 office site.

The Results


”Lowering our HVAC operating cost and providing a stable indoor temperature is extremely important to our existing and prospective clients. Substantial decline in client temperature complaints reduces the man hours needed to correct these issues.”

– Pat Poirier, Director, Operational Sustainability

Fuelling Green Excellence and Climate Comfort at Cogswell Tower

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