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The South Shore Regional Centre for Education (SSRCE) has long identified efficiency savings as an opportunity to divert funds back into the classrooms.  These savings enable the school to improve the student learning experience and provide effective classroom tools and support, which is their primary, and most rewarding, motivation for energy efficiency efforts.  That’s why the introduction to Ecopilot®’s technology was so exciting to their team.  They recognize that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a significant role in advancing our energy efficiency efforts.

The Solution

Ecopilot® was commissioned in 2019 at the 62,495 sq2 school site.

The Results


”It’s important to recognize the role that software can play in how we manage and operate our buildings; especially in the advancement it can deliver to reduce energy consumption.

Automatic, continuous and results driven are all key components we experienced with Ecopilot® and ones we believe can advance the building automation industry. Ecopilot® is working in the background, 24/7, and alleviating the expense, time and effort required to manually achieve similar results.  Automation of our HVAC energy savings allows us to focus on other initiatives, like daily operations or long-term maintenance planning.  Utilizing the same assets, we are saving energy, extending the life of equipment, and identifying issues we weren’t aware of.

The savings achieved will be re-directed to the classroom.  We are proud to be a part of a region committed to sustainability and in time, hope to use this project as an example of building a better future for our students, which is important to the communities we serve.”

– Andy Selig, Operations Manager

Liverpool High School Gets Comfortable with Savings 

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