Ecopilot Technology

Like Eco-Driving, but for Properties

Traditional control and regulation products find it difficult to make different systems collaborate. This results in properties stepping on the gas and breaking either unnecessarily or even at the same time. With Ecopilot® we have increased the average energy saving for our customers by 22% (heating), 28% (cooling), and 13% (electricity). We do this only by utilising existing resources.

The building is analysed

Every building is unique and has its own characteristics. This is our starting point. Therefore we always commence by analysing these parameters:

• The building’s capacity to store energy.
• Existing solutions for ventilation, heating, and cooling.
• Confirm the optimum range for comfort.
• Analyse the building’s historical energy usage.

For new developments, we assess the estimated energy consumption.

Energy optimisation is conducted

In order to conduct energy optimisation of the building we take into account:

• The building’s thermal storage capacity (light building/heavy building/equipment).
• Utilisation of internal loads (people/computers/lighting).
• Impact of future weather (solar incident radiation/outdoor temperature/wind impact).
• Impact dependent on energy price (spot price of electricity/district heating/power rate).


The information is co-aligned

All information, from basic analysis to an energy meter, local weather forecast, spot prices of electricity, and values from wireless sensors, is collected and processed in real-time in the main unit of Ecopilot®. The existing automation system is then over-modulated with modern technology. Reference values move temperature, pressure, and flow in the building’s ventilation, heating, and cooling systems. Future weather data is also taken into account.

Discover the Environmental and Climate impact

There are many ways in which we can contribute to creating a better future for our planet. One of them is reducing CO2 emissions. At the same time, you will achieve a more pleasant indoor climate.

Do not step on the gas and break at the same time

Ecopilot® over-modulates the existing automation system and in this way, we avoid stepping on the gas
and breaking at the same time. This is a common problem of traditional control and regulation systems.
You not only save energy, but you also avoid large temperature differences and attain a more even and pleasant indoor climate.


The Ecopilot hardware or Secure Edge Gateway (SEG) will interface directly with your existing building automation system. The SEG doesn’t replace the BMS, it works with it to achieve desired results with less energy expenditure and fluctuations in temperature. This provides a secure data tunnel to the smart cloud platform.

Smart Analysis Tool

Your team can view the real-time impact with a 24/7 online dashboard helping building operators analyse the efficiency of your existing BMS.

Ecopilot is a powerful tool for identifying imbalances, system failures, and flaws in the connected heating, electricity, and cooling systems with energy alarms to alert users to issues. A prioritisation plan can be created based on the measures’ profitability.


Ecopilot is used to optimize setpoints and decide when HVAC equipment should be running, which affects the indoor climate and saves energy. With real-time indoor data, 5-day weather forecasts, and your building’s unique capacity for thermal mass Ecopilot continuously calculates the energy balance.


Happy Clients

A Responsible Company

By installing Ecopilot® you will not only save money, increase the value of your property and contribute to the EU’s 2020 targets. Your company will also be recognised as modern and responsible, attributes which naturally affect how your company’s brand is perceived by your industrial piers and local community.