Streamlining Workspace Management with Spica Technologies’ New Booking Rules Update

by | 27 Jul 2023

As the workplace continues to evolve, companies are seeking innovative solutions to optimise space utilisation, enhance collaboration, and improve employee experiences. We at Spica Technologies have recently unveiled an exciting product update called Booking Rules. Powered by the GemEx Engine platform, this update revolutionises the way organisations manage bookings, making it easier than ever to optimise resources and streamline the workspace. Let’s explore the key features of this update and how they can benefit businesses.

Unlocking the Potential of Every Asset:

With Spica Technologies’ Booking Rules, businesses can effortlessly manage all their bookings in one centralised location. From desks and lockers to parking spaces, the platform enables hassle-free booking for any resource, unlocking the full potential of each asset. By providing a convenient and intuitive booking system, employees can easily reserve the resources they need, minimising conflicts and maximising productivity.

Leveling Up with Advanced Features:

In addition to seamless resource booking, Spica Technologies’ Booking Rules introduces advanced features to enhance the overall experience. Companies can choose to integrate optional IoT and digital access modules, further streamlining the booking process and increasing efficiency. These modules provide real-time information on resource availability, making it easier for employees to find and reserve the right assets when they need them.

Optimising Space Utilisation:

One of the standout features of Booking Rules is its ability to optimise space utilisation like never before. By targeting rules based on location, team, and asset type, businesses can maximise the use of their available space. This feature ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, reducing waste and allowing organisations to make the most of their workspace.

Feature 1: Rotational Schedule Configuration

In the era of hybrid working, teamwork has taken on new dimensions. Spica Technologies recognises this and introduces Rotational Schedule Configuration as part of the Booking Rules update. This feature enables businesses to allocate specific days for team-based resource bookings. By encouraging employees from the same teams to book resources on the same days, collaboration and coordination are enhanced, fostering a sense of camaraderie and productivity.

Feature 2: Parking Spaces and Desk Bookings

Understanding the correlation between the way employees book parking spaces and desks can lead to improved resource management. Spica Technologies’ Booking Rules allow businesses to introduce Linked Bookings, which streamlines the process of reserving multiple resources at once. By identifying patterns in booking behavior, organisations can offer a more seamless experience to employees, ensuring that they can effortlessly reserve both parking spaces and desks simultaneously.

Feature 3: Tagged Bookings

Managing employees’ booking experiences becomes more effective with the addition of Tagged Bookings. This feature empowers users to categorise their bookings with meaningful tags, providing additional information and facilitating appropriate management. By enabling Tagged Bookings, organisations can establish a taxonomy hierarchy and allow users to tag their bookings with categories from that hierarchy. This ensures that bookings can be easily tracked, organised, and managed based on specific criteria relevant to each business.

Spica Technologies’ Booking Rules update powered by GemEx Engine offers a comprehensive solution for workspace management. With features such as Rotational Schedule Configuration, Linked Bookings, and Tagged Bookings, businesses can streamline their resource allocation processes, optimise space utilisation, and enhance collaboration among teams. By leveraging the power of technology, organisations can create a more efficient and productive workplace environment. With our innovative solutions, the future of workspace management is within reach.