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We’re Spica, innovative work tech SaaS creators helping organisations around the globe digitally transform their workplace.

Spica Solutions


GemEx App

Workplace Experience App
Employee Engagement
Employees access building services & smart booking system

GemEx Engine®

Manage Booking System
Workplace Analytics & Alerts
Service Requests
Access Control Integration
Visitor Management


Occupancy Sensors
Air Quality Sensors
Temperature & Humidity Sensors
CO2 Monitoring
VOC Monitoring

Healthy Water

Legionella Risk Management
IoT streamlines monitoring
ZetaSafe Integration

Automated AI for HVAC efficiency
Lower energy usage
Reduce carbon emissions
Improve occupant comfort
Utilises internal & external data

Yanzi Portal: Cloud-based data visualisation & control layer

Yanzi SEG (Secure Edge Gateway): Secure remote connectivity of IoT Layer

Yanzi IoT: Granular sensor augmentation layer

Smart Cleaning

IoT enabled smart cleaning platform and team mobile app to optimise cleaning schedules and report accurate data on cleaning efficiencies.

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Our software and hardware products are saving businesses energy, emissions, time and money across the globe. 

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SqM of Real Estate

The Spica group leverages AI, IoT, OT, IT, Edge processing and cloud-based software and will continue to explore new technologies for the built environment supplying clients around the globe.

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