Smart Cleaning

GemEx Engine - Smart Cleaning Management Software

The smart way for workplace cleaning

Smart Cleaning from the GemEx Engine® platform is award-winning cleaning management software. GemEx brings together a digital map of your premises with real-time sensor technology to optimise your cleaning processes.

Alert notifications are sent through an app for cleaning staff helping deliver greater efficiencies, enhanced management and improved levels of cleaning maintenance.


Welcome to the world of data-led cleaning 


Sensor-driven Alerts

Combine multiple data feeds such as occupancy and consumable levels, to dramatically improve the effectiveness of cleaning services.

Improved Customer Service

For some customers satisfaction has improved by 30% due to cleaning quality levels rising with complaints dropping to zero. 

Feedback Buttons

Wireless ‘feedback buttons’ allow occupants to request attention in particular areas, leave feedback and enables FM’s to prioritise responses.

Audit History & Reports

Complete, on-line history and audit trail of all data changes. With enhanced management and reporting of cleaning activities.

Agile Working

Creation of flexible and agile working practices where cleaning staff can be shared between buildings in nearby locations.


Proof of Attendance (PoA) tracking of cleaning staff teams offers superior reporting and transparency for managers.

Historical Data

The platform stores historical cleaning activity data allowing you to predict cleaning patterns and assign personnel accordingly.

Contract Pricing

Ensure competitive pricing for contracts. Cleaning as a service cost model is enabled by evidence on cleaning hours and SLA adherence.

Deliver on KPIs

Analytics play a key role in the long term planning of schedules and evaluation of KPI’s and service agreements to clients.

Support & Training

Smart Cleaning is one perspective from the GemEx Engine®, which is a self-service platform. Spica support our clients in becoming GemEx Experts, also known as Platform Administrators by providing the following:


  • Onboarding training workshops
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Account Manager
  • Training for any updates or new feature releases
  • Online Helpguide
  • Digital Support Ticket System


Try a new perspective

We listened to our clients’ needs for their workplace and created platform ‘perspectives’ to address compliance, occupancy, workplace management and occupant experience issues.

Workspace Perspective

Space management, live occupancy and booking system tool for operational efficiency and employee wellness and comfort.

Luna Workplace Employee Experience App Icon

Workplace Experience App

Our workplace experience app and its’ features are all configured in the GemEx platform. Choose your modules, branding, integrations and more.

Environment Monitoring

Collect and show real-time indoor air quality data for public displays, workplace app and IoT integrations.

Healthy Water Perspective

Efficient Legionella risk management tool, that gives an up-to-date picture of risks with automatic alerts and audit history.

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