Spica’s Smart Cleaning solution wins ‘Best International Impact in Services’

by | 01 Dec 2020

Spica Technologies are delighted to announce our win for ‘Best International Impact in Services’ for the 2020 Business Servitization Awards. The awards topped off the virtually held World Servitization Convention. Our winning submission focused on the Smart Cleaning perspective from workplace management platform GemEx® Engine. This cloud-based platform combines sensors and software as a service (Saas) to deliver greater efficiencies, enhanced management and improved levels of cleaning maintenance. Cleaning of commercial properties has become a high-profile activity, especially post-COVID-19, but often follows a rota system with poor tracking of activities and low levels of feedback. We wanted to apply a digital solution.

The Smart Cleaning perspective uses real-time sensor data to show cleaning demand, enabling cleaning teams to provide a higher quality service by going where they are needed first and to avoid wasted time on areas that do not need attention. We wanted to use data to empower cleaning staff to make the right cleaning decisions and to track activity for detailed reporting and long-term planning. Development was undertaken to create the right platform and user-focused app for cleaning staff to interact with.

Development of the Smart Cleaning perspective was executed following user interviews and workshops and creation of the digital twin for accurate space planning and utilising sensors for data capture. The sensor data triggers configurable alarms that appear in a dedicated app for cleaners, they can use this to set their cleaning route but also report issues and provide feedback and mark tasks as complete. All this data is stored in our secure platform so it’s easy to report on the number of tasks completed, time to respond to issues, type and frequency of required tasks.

For our clients we saw an increase customer satisfaction by up to 30% due to cleaning quality levels. We are also seeing broader impact with a switch to outcome-based contracts evidenced with sensor data as a common requirement abroad.

The Servitization Business Awards, organised by The Advanced Services Group, recognises and celebrates the UK companies with the best servitization efforts. Servitization as a term refers to a business, mainly from manufacturing, that innovates their model to include services as a core component of their strategy instead of relying on a product only model.

The Advanced Services Group is a centre of excellence dedicated exclusively to researching servitization and advanced services. The only centre of its kind, it is located at Aston Business School, Aston University in the UK. The group provides education, training and research as well as a global network for professionals involved in advanced services and servitization. Their world-renowned team of researchers have produced over 200 papers and work with global manufacturers and technology innovators to develop services-led strategies.

To find out more about the Business Servitization awards and convention visit: advancedservicesgroup.co.uk

To learn more about the Smart Cleaning perspective visit: spicatech.co.uk/smart-cleaning