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Room Scheduling & Space Management for Universities

Say goodbye to manual space management headaches and hello to effortless reservation experiences for students, and faculty. With just a few taps, reserve shared spaces, classrooms, and desks, transforming the way campus spaces are managed.

Key features

Book what you need

Book lecture halls, classrooms shares spaces, offices, desks and parking spaces.

Your data is secure

Spica’s solutions are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant to keep data protected.

You are in control

Admin control for Universities to restrict space access to only faculty.

Avoid overcrowded

Monitor area occupancy levels, prevent overcrowding and ensure optimal space utilisation.


Check space availability

Easily filter and find your ideal space or resource with quick search options.

Easy integrations

Integrate with existing campus management systems for a smooth transition. 

Visual floorplans

Easily locate resources or navigate to your lecture hall or desk with our wayfinding feature.

Analytics and reporting

Get data on utilisation rates, popular spaces and under-used areas to right size.

Empower Your University’s Future With Smarter Space Management  

Room Scheduling

Simplify the process of scheduling

Easily manage your university’s space allocation needs, from scheduling meeting rooms, lecture halls, to study spaces, our solution caters to various event sizes, accommodating both small group sessions and large-scale events effortlessly.

Quick Allocation

Make timetabling lectures easy

Allocate rooms dynamically based on usage patterns, capacity requirements, and specific event needs. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts with real-time availability updates, ensuring smooth and seamless booking experiences for all users.

Mobile App

Everything at your fingertips

Book resources on the go, stay updated with upcoming bookings and receive instant notifications about important announcements and changes within the university environment, keeping faculty, staff, and students informed and engaged. 


of a university’s outlay, after employees, is dedicated to its estate, making it the second largest area of expenditure on average.


seat occupancy rate in teaching spaces during scheduled teaching sessions.

Source: Baker Stuart

Space Utilisation Analytics

Manage your spaces your way

Understand how your facilities are being utilised, monitor real-time environment conditions and identify opportunities for right-sizing your univeristy portfolio and optimising estate usage.

Iot Sensor Integration

Smart sensors for faster insights

Integrate seamlessly with any hardware and sensors to monitor multiple spaces from a single device, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your university campus. Gain accurate data on occupancy, air quality, temperature, and CO2 levels, allowing you to create advanced reports and harness valuable insights for strategic decision-making. 

Book Meeting Room on App

MS365 & Teams

Connected ecosystem

Search available rooms, book spaces, submit service requests, and manage visitors directly from your familiar platforms, be it Microsoft Outlook calendar or Teams.

Multiple Locations

Management for multi-site campuses

 Simplifying the management of large estates by allowing students and staff to easily find and book desks, rooms, and other resources across any of your sites. For more granular control, our admin platform allows you to specify booking permissions based on roles and locations, ensuring efficient operations across your entire university network. 

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