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A workplace experience app reconnecting people & places

Take back control with a flexible, integrated workplace experience app that supports employees through their workday.

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Help your teams connect & collaborate

Connect your teams with self-service controls for greater collaboration

Give on-the-go access to facilities & services for a streamlined workday

Support hybrid working by offering a choice of workspaces

Create office neighbourhoods with automated rules

You’ll be in good company

Create engaging workspaces

Use real-time occupancy and environmental data to build a workspace bespoke to your company culture. Offer digital building access and desk, meeting room, car space and any type of resource booking you need to make the workplace work for your people.

Empower & Engage Employees

Building a workplace community gets easier with News and Events modules. Give your teams access to building services and booking Service Requests. The Feedback module gives staff the ability to raise issues with a a geo-location which is assigned to a work order.

Get Your Real Estate Flex-Ready

Our powerful analytics tools can collate data for Occupancy, Air Quality, Reservation Analytics into easy to understand reports that provide trend analysis for your entire estate. Create custom reports and easily sync app data into your own data warehouse.

Save Employee Time & Money

Free up time to get let your teams reach their business goals. With indoor navigation module Find and collaboration module Colleague your teams can share their locations, book aligned workspaces and access building areas securely through the Digital Wallet module.

Discover our core modules

For enterprises looking to deploy an workplace experience app for their employees quickly you can choose core modules allowing you to benefit from:

Simple Set Up
› Core Branding: Your Logo, Name & Colour Theme
› Launching within 2-4 weeks
› Annual SaaS Pricing

Single Sign-on Authentication

Employees can use their existing company login such as MS365 to securely access the app.


With this resource booking module you can use real-time resource search where staff can filter by amenities, live occupancy or environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and noise level.


Meeting Rooms

Parking Spaces



Any company resource can be made bookable, we’re flexible that way.


Find and navigate to any point of interest in the building. With Indoor Positioning navigate in real-time to any location and view info about nearby points of interest.


We take an integration first approach at Spica, our products can integrate with your existing tech stack. Meaning no disruptions on your mission to deploy a hybrid workplace platform.

Pick & mix additional optional modules

For companies looking to create a more custom employee workplace app you can mix and match your modules, so you can benefit from:

All Core Modules +
› Unlimited Integrations
Customised Branding
› Annual SaaS Pricing

Content CMS

Keep staff informed by authoring your own content for various Luna modules. Provide staff with News, Events, Travel, Visitor Info, Building Services and more – all with multi-language support, and content publishing workflows.

Book (Optional IoT)

The same core module Book can be augmented with Internet of Things (IoT) integrations. This connects your book module to IoT sensors within your building.

Use real-time resource search where staff can filter by amenities, live occupancy or environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and noise level.


Meeting Rooms

Parking Spaces



Any company resource

Environmental Conditions

Employees can search for workspaces or other resources and filter by temperature, noise levels and more as real-time data is fed into the app.

Food & Drink

View menus, available offers, and with 3rd party integrations order meals, drinks or meeting concierge services.

Touchless Building Access

When integrated with an access control system, employees can use the app for touchless access to their office building, specific work areas, smart lockers and more.

Service Requests

Raise building and facilities service requests. Integrate into existing Helpdesk solutions. View nearby requests and monitor the status of raised requests.


Provide feedback on building and app services, giving further insight into how the workplace experience can be augmented.


See analytics on where and when your workplace app is being used. Measure employee engagement from an easy to use dashboard. 


Spica’s team of developers, user experience experts and digital workplace consultants will guide you through the steps involved in getting your workplace experience app configured, optimised and launched.

Once live your dedicated Customer Success and Account Managers will be there to support your journey.

Expert Team

This is a project lead by our experienced team, we can guide you through InfoSec approval, app customisation, requirements evaluation and solution adoption.


For companies who opt for mix & match modules they will be provided with training for the GemEx Engine®. This platform is where Luna and your buildings’ digital twin are configured. We provide ongoing training and online help guides for platfor admins.

Help Desk

If you encounter an issue with your app, Spica provides an online help desk where your ticket can be tracked and responses recorded.

Integration with Existing Systems

We integrate your own systems using our pre-built adapters. Even if you cannot see your system in our integrations list our team still have the capabilities to integrate Luna with your existing systems.