Flexible space optimisation software

Find out how well your spaces are working and when they’re not. Optimise with tools for analysis, booking assets, footfall and live occupancy monitoring with real-time alerts.


Features to optimise space and employee experience


Real-time Alerts

Real time SMS and email alerts for maintenance teams, allowing for proactive responses to changes in building operations. 

Simple to Retrofit

Workspace is easy to retrofit across your existing real estate and can integrate into your existing enterprise applications.

Easy Integration

Older workplace technology solutions are very expensive to roll out and difficult to integrate into enterprise applications.

Space Optimisation

Accurate space usage data for meeting rooms, desks and more. Back up business improvement projects with data evidence.

Be an Innovator

Demonstrate innovation and thought leadership to key stakeholders and clients through workspace technology adoption.

Analytics & Reporting

Access interactive dashboards for highlighting and investigating real-time and historical data. Customise reports to your requirements.

Enhanced Experience

Enhance occupant experience with environment monitoring and create spaces for agile and activity based working suited to the building usage.

Environmental Efficiency

Efficiencies such as reduced energy consumption or as an affordable comparison on BMS data accuracy and efficiency of HVAC.

GemEx Workspace TV Mode - Occupancy Monitoring

Space Utilisation


Our space management software takes a range of sensor data and put that data into context for your organisation to make well-informed decisions on how your spaces will be used now and in the future.

Workspace combines desk, room and floor occupancy data paired with real-time and historical trend analysis reporting tools.

GemEx Workspace TV Mode - Occupancy Monitoring


Give your team a better, more flexible workplace experience with this advanced booking system for desks, rooms and other assets.

Booking teams can manage reservations company-wide and externally via the platform while individual employees can manage their bookings through their workplace app.

GemEx Workspace TV Mode - Occupancy Monitoring
GemEx Engine - IWMS -iPad Summary-Environment Monitoring

Environment Monitoring

Spica utilise a complete range of sensor data including PIR, CO2, Noise, Temperature, VOC’s, Light etc, enabling us to provide complete real-time and long-term trend analytics about worker usage of a building.

Numerous studies have highlighted how a worker’s environment impacts their productivity. Temperature, Humidity, and noise levels may seem obvious but some may be surprised to find that lower levels of carbon dioxide have been found to improve productivity by 60%.

GemEx Workspace TV Mode - Occupancy Monitoring



Analyse occupancy in a variety of ways with configurable charts and heatmaps. Within your cloud-based platform you can see an overview of average occupancy at-a-glance to tell a story with your real estate data. 

GemEx Workspace TV Mode - Occupancy Monitoring

Support & Training

Workspace is one perspective from the GemEx Engine®, which is a self-service platform. Spica, a Nordomatic company, support our clients in becoming GemEx Experts, also known as Platform Administrators by providing the following:


  • Onboarding training workshops
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Account Manager
  • Training for any updates or new feature releases
  • Online Helpguide
  • Digital Support Ticket System

Try a new perspective

We listened to our clients’ needs for their workplace and created platform ‘perspectives’ to address compliance, occupancy, workplace management and occupant experience issues.

Luna Workplace Employee Experience App Icon

Workplace Experience App

Our workplace experience app and its’ features are all configured in the GemEx platform. Choose your modules, branding, integrations and more.

Environment Monitoring

Collect and show real-time indoor air quality data for public displays, workplace app and IoT integrations.

Smart Cleaning Perspective

Corporate cleaning management solution with real-time data, alerts and a dedicated app for cleaning staff.

Healthy Water Perspective

Efficient Legionella risk management tool, that gives an up-to-date picture of risks with automatic alerts and audit history.

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