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Understand your air quality

Simply smart software for optimising healthy spaces

Create healthy indoor spaces by using data in the right places. Reopen offices, get real-time alerts on problem areas and track indoor air pollutants to improve occupant health.

Comfort Displays

The GemEx Engine® utilises a complete range of sensor data including PIR, CO2, Noise, Temperature, VOC’s, Light etc, enabling us to provide complete real-time and long-term trend analytics about worker usage of a building.

Numerous studies have highlighted how a worker’s environment impacts their productivity. Temperature, Humidity, and noise levels may seem obvious but some may be surprised to find that lower levels of carbon dioxide have been found to improve productivity by 60%.



Workspace TV Mode


Targeted kiosk views help building occupants find the right work area for them based on environmental preferences, avoid areas of congestion and find points of interest in the building at a glance.

FM teams can oversee footfall and people flow throughout the building, maintaining occupant levels for Fire Safety compliance standards. 

Book Workspaces

Filter by environment preferences

The workplace Environment Monitoring from GemEx not only works for management but also benefits employees. All settings for Luna are configured in GemEx, allowing employees to search for workspaces and filter by temperature, noise levels and more as real-time data is fed into the app.

Support & Training

Environmental monitoring and comfort displays are just one of many solutions from the GemEx Engine®, which is a self-service platform. Spica, a Nordomatic company, support our clients in becoming GemEx Experts, also known as Platform Administrators by providing the following:


  • Onboarding training workshops
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Account Manager
  • Training for any updates or new feature releases
  • Online Helpguide
  • Digital Support Ticket System

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Workspace Perspective

Space management, live occupancy and booking system tool for operational efficiency and employee wellness and comfort.

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Workplace Experience App

Our workplace experience app and its’ features are all configured in the GemEx platform. Choose your modules, branding, integrations and more.

Smart Cleaning Perspective

Corporate cleaning management solution with real-time data, alerts and a dedicated app for cleaning staff.

Healthy Water Perspective

Efficient Legionella risk management tool, that gives an up-to-date picture of risks with automatic alerts and audit history.

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