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Beat hybrid work challenges and ace your in-office time.

One person working in office and another person at home working

Navigating the New Normal

Since the start of 2023, there has been a slow but gradual return of individuals to law firms. While the once-empty corridors are starting to buzz again, there’s no anticipation of full occupancy anytime soon. Some legal firms are opting for a full-time return to the office, while others are embracing a hybrid model, allowing lawyers to work remotely anywhere from 20-50% of the time.

That’s where our GemEx solution steps in. We’re all about helping law firms navigate their hybrid office environments while enhancing collaboration to drive success.


Expect to reduce their office footprint in the short to medium term


Expect to reconfigure their office space towards collaborative spaces

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Foster a modern, connected legal environment.

Digital Workplace Transformation

Optimise return-to-office strategies.

Optimise Visitor Experience

Friction-free visits for clients and partners in legal spaces.

Right-Sizing Office Space

Minimise unused areas in law offices.

GemEx for Law Firms

Redefining Legal Workplace Success

At Spica, we recognise the challenges you face when adopting technology solutions that don’t quite hit the mark. That’s why we’re committed to a different approach – one that puts your needs and objectives front and center.

We understand that every legal office is unique, with its own set of challenges, priorities, and goals. That’s why we take a consultative approach. Instead of simply following market trends, we work closely with you to deliver a tailored workplace solution that prioritises your unique requirements and produces tangible results.

Special Insight

“Legal departments struggle to exploit technology, often following market hype rather than focusing on their own underlying needs and the investments that could impact broader business outcomes.”

Source: Gartner

Book Meeting Room on App

break down traditional barriers

Where collaboration knows no bounds

Whether you’re a busy attorney on the go or a legal assistant at your desktop, GemEx makes scheduling easy.

✔ See colleague’s schedules and workspace bookings to find the best days to collaborate.
✔ Plan office days and schedule workspace based on colleagues’ office schedules.

Empowering Law Firms for Smarter Work

✔ Track real-time office activity levels
✔ Optimise your workspace layout
✔ Transform spaces into brainstorming hubs or focus areas

Visits table and check in

Impress your clients

✔ Minimise reception wait times
✔ Digital visitor log to ensure building security
✔ Gain insights into visitor traffic, frequency and behaviour

Simplify meeting organisation

✔ Add visitors and send notifications with meeting details
✔ Attach service requests like catering to meeting invite
✔ Book parking spaces for attendees in advance

Visit with catering add ons
Submit request via the app

Create workplace efficiency

✔ Employees can swiftly submit any issues with rooms or equipment
✔ Delegate tasks to the right personnel for easy resolution
✔ Initiate quick requests by scanning QR codes

Become data-driven

✔ Real-time insights into office occupancy and usage patterns
✔ Real-time workspace environment monitoring 
✔ Efficient allocation of resources and facilities

Outlook add in

powerful integrations

Say hello to a connected ecosystem

Microsoft 365

Simplify the process of scheduling meetings, booking resources, and managing your workspace—all within the familiar Microsoft 365 environment. 

Microsoft Outlook Add-In
Search for available rooms, create meetings and add meeting rooms, service requests, and visitors—all directly from within your Microsoft Outlook calendar by integrating with GemEx App.
IoT Sensors

Integrate with any hardware to monitor multiple spaces from a single device and providing accurate data on occupancy, air quality, temperature and CO2 levels.


Protect client privacy by anonymising room bookings.

Customers in the know

Clients, such as EY, take our platform and white-label app, apply their branding and choose the modules they want to meet their goals. Since the first UK trial in 2019 our software has also been rolled out to EY sites around the globe including America, Australia, India, Japan and more.


Would recommend the app to a colleague or friend

sqm of real estate covered

employees assisted

Savvy Savings  

Our workplace GemEx Engine® platform provided analytics on trends, patterns and requirements for space usage. This allowed Atos to efficiently plan relocations and consolidations across the whole of their UK Portfolio. Atos reduced their footprint by over 3,600m2 and providing capital investment return within year 1.

annual savings (£)

m2 of footprint reduction

Everything You Need

Resourceful Bookings:

Utilise the Book module to discover and reserve available resources and services.

Employee Engagement: 

Enables real-time engagement with employees, ensuring they have an up-to-date and seamless workplace experience.

Collaborative Work:

Find your colleagues with ease and foster a collaborative work environment.

Access Control: 

Use your mobile device for seamless access to buildings, rooms, lockers, and printers.


Raise and track service requests conveniently.

Discover the Space: 

Utilise indoor navigation and location-based services for an enhanced experience.

Visitor Management

Handle internal and external visitors efficiently.

Data Insights:

Harness the power of data-driven insights from occupancy and booking analytics.

Integration and API Engine:

GemEx Engine Platform forms the backbone of GemEx App’s capabilities. It enables seamless connections with various systems and technologies.

Food & Beverage Services: 

Simplify your meal times by ordering food and drinks through the app.

Smart Digital Twin:

GemEx creates a digital replica of your office space, providing valuable context for physical assets, reservations, services and behaviour data. Helping you optimise processes, reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

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