Seamless Visits, Elevated Experiences

Reinventing Visitor Management: Enhance Security & Impressions

Visits is a cutting-edge visitor management system designed to streamline and enhance your guest management process. Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork, manual check-ins, and security concerns. With Visits, you can effortlessly manage and track visitors, while providing a seamless and memorable experience for your guests.

Manage Your Visitor Lifecycle Easily

Streamline visitor planning with the Spica Workplace App. Easily register visitors and ensure a seamless arrival experience. Whether hosting a meeting or welcoming guests, the app allows hosts to create visits and provide all necessary details. Visitors receive comprehensive emails with information such as the meeting address, parking instructions, and check-in procedures. Simplify your visitor management process and make a positive impression with the convenience of the Spica Workplace App.













Upon arrival, visitors are checked in at the reception using the GemEx Engine Platform. Receptionists can utilize the GemEx Platform to access visit information created through the app. They can also view a list of other visits scheduled for the day. The front desk team can efficiently update the status of visitors from “expected” to “signed in,” triggering an automated notification to the host. This seamless process enhances communication and ensures a smooth visitor experience.














The host receives an instant notification, informing them of the visitor’s arrival. Through the app, the host can send an update to the reception team, indicating their availability or if the visitor should be directed to a specific location. Once the update is sent, the host makes their way to the meeting area to greet the visitor. This efficient communication process ensures seamless coordination between the host and reception team, enhancing the overall visitor experience.
















Efficiently streamline the  journey of your visitors

With our user-friendly GemEx Engine Platform, you can easily create visits on behalf of others, saving time and streamlining the process. Whether you’re an assistant, receptionist, or team member responsible for visitor management, our platform allows you to efficiently handle visit creation.

Effortless Visit Creation

Simply access the platform, input the necessary details, and generate visits for individuals or groups. By creating visits on behalf of others, you ensure a smooth and organized experience for both visitors and hosts.

Centralized Visit Management

Our platform provides a centralized hub where you can manage and track all visits, making it convenient to oversee multiple appointments or events simultaneously. You can easily view and edit visit details, check-in statuses, and make any necessary updates.

Visitor Management Made Easy

By empowering you to create visits on behalf of others, our platform simplifies visitor management and enhances efficiency within your organization. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our visit creation features today and streamline your visitor management process.


Customizable Visit Settings

Tailor visit settings to meet your specific needs. Set visit durations, access levels, and pre-registration requirements to ensure a smooth and secure visitor experience.

Automated Notifications

Keep everyone informed with automated notifications. Receive alerts when visitors arrive, hosts are notified, or any changes are made to visit details.

Streamlined Check-In Process

Simplify the visitor check-in process with digital sign-ins and self-service kiosks. Enhance efficiency and eliminate the need for manual paperwork.

Real-time Visit Tracking:

Monitor visitor movements and track their presence within your premises in real-time. Gain insights into visitor patterns, peak times, and duration of visits for improved resource allocation.

Visitor Insights and Reporting:

Access comprehensive analytics and reports to gain valuable insights into visitor trends, frequency, and demographics. Use this data to make informed decisions and enhance your visitor management strategies.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate the visit management system with other workplace tools and systems such as access control, security systems, and calendar platforms for enhanced efficiency and coordination.

Create A Unique & Frictionless Visitor Experience 





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