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Choose a desk booking app that will fit into your tech stack like a digital glove. You set the rules, apply your branding and your people enjoy the ease that comes with booking a desk from anywhere, now is the time for truly hybrid work.

For businesses who prioritise their people

“The app enables them to coordinate that so they can come in at the same time, sit in the same place and see who else is there and meet up. In this way they stay connected and make the best use of being in the workplace.”

Sarah O'Reilly


“Spica have delivered a flexible and outstanding personalised service against a challenging deadline that meant we could rapidly integrate the app with our different workplace systems and allows our people to book their workspaces as part of their safe office re-entry.”

Louise Sheppard


“The digital workplace transformation journey with Spica through the last 3 years have been extraordinary. The team was able to rise to the challenge and provide industry leading smart building capabilities tailored to the unique requirements that we had.”

Clament Lijoy


Key features

Hot Desking

Give your people the ability to book any available desk in a few simple clicks.


Find and book desks from our clear interactive maps on web or mobile.

Team Bookings

Admins can book on behalf of other team members. Share your location and book desks together.

Office Neighbourhoods

Assign areas to specific departments to optimise collaboration.

Calendar View

Book your desk through within the calendar view for clear scheduling.

Booking Services

Add catering, porterage or equipment requests straight into your booking.

Priority Bookings

Allow certain teams first access to booking with booking rules. Or assign permanent desks for specific team members.


Booking Filters

Search for the best space based on amenities or environment conditions and desk type.

Mobile App

Book via the app as well as from your desktop.

Visitor Booking

Book desks and other resources for visitors using your office.

Booking Data

Forecast demand and get an accurate picture of office usage.

Book other stuff

Book any resource; car spaces, lockers, meeting rooms & more.


employee booking app

add modules and integrations

Supercharge your booking system

Employee Communications

Keep staff informed with push notification content for the latest company updates. Multi-lingual content can be assigned to certain buildings, floors, rooms or even workspaces. 

Employee Feedback

Get employee feedback on meeting rooms and other workspaces to measure and improve service success.

Order Food & Drink

Integrate with catering facilities to order and pay then collect or have your food and drinks delivered. 

Touchless Entry

Integrate the app with Building Access Control system for touchless entry into secure areas.


Help Desk Integration

Integrate with existing help desk/ticketing systems for efficient facilities management.

Book & navigate

Self-Service Booking

The Book module of GemEx supports Desk and Meeting Room hoteling prompting app users to ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ of their reservations. Empower your staff with the one stop tool to search, reserve, amend or cancel their own bookings.

Save time

The Find module uses Indoor Positioning technology to help employees find their way to their booked workspace, saving time and reducing stress.

Book any resource

After booking rules have been set, employees can book desks, meeting rooms, car spaces, smart lockers and any other asset logged within the platform.

Dynamic Filters

Filters for real-time data on occupancy and indoor air quality allow employees to choose the right workspace for them. This data can be sourced from HVAC systems or IoT sensors.

Live Occupancy

Occupancy sensors can be installed to give a better understanding and use of the booked spaces.

Find a Colleague

Use the ‘Find a Colleague’ feature to collaborate and determine what days to come into the office.


Make everyone’s working life easier and integrate GemEx with your existing systems.

booking management

Smart Booking Management


Booking teams can use the GemEx Engine® platform to reserve any company resource.

Single Interface

Corporate booking teams can search, reserve, amend or remove bookings in a single intuitive interface.

Book for others

Book on behalf of employees and external visitors for a secure experience.

Set Rules

You’ll get the power to make resources ‘unbookable’, make group bookings, set a minimum or maximum book length and more.

Unique Filter Categories

Create bookings with specific workplace points, categories or assets thanks to your unique taxonomy such as work pods or standing desks.

Flexible. Secure. Scalable.

Create booking rules, manage space and access booking analytics all within this easy-to-use secure cloud-based platform. We’re GDPR compliant and are ISO 27001 certified. 


GDPR Compliant

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