Bring Employees Back To The Office

Did you know that 60% of professionals reported they feel less connected to colleagues? Our solution can bridge the gap between collaboration and camaraderie, no matter where you are.

The Grand Return

The buzz of corporate landscapes is centered around the grand return to the office. With 63% of UK CEOs predicting a full-time return-to-office by 2026, companies find themselves delicately balancing productivity, employee preferences, and the ever-elusive ‘new normal.’ From hybrid working strategies to designated in-office collaboration days, GemEx solutions provide the support needed for you to bring your employees back to the office.


Of employees would be motivated to go into the office to rebuild team bonds.


Of employees would go to the office more frequently if they knew their direct team members would be there.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Foster a modern, connected work environment.

Digital Workplace Transformation

Optimise return-to-office strategies.

Employee Engagement Tools

Create a connection among dispersed teams.

Office Space Optimisation

Data-driven insights to maximise office space usage.

Plan Your Week

Get more out of your office visits

✔ Align your office visits with team availability.
View colleagues’ schedules and workspace bookings at a glance.
✔ No more wasted long commutes to an empty office.

Find colleagues

Promote teamwork and connection

✔ Receive directions and navigate to your colleague’s location.
✔ Check the availability of resources booked by colleagues.

✔ Book your desk right next to coworkers or team members.

Book Meeting Room on App

Commute Planning

Plan your journey with confidence

✔ Access transport timetables directly within the app.
✔ Stay informed with live updates and delays by integrating with local transport facilities.

✔ Real-time access to transportation information.

Create your collaborative office

Workplace Navigation

  • Quickly locate essential facilities like canteens, washrooms, and fire exits.
  • Utilise indoor positioning system technology to be guided to your desired destination.
  • Easily access booked areas or selected amenities.

Personalised Newsfeed

  • Upcoming bookings displayed for your convenience.
  • Stay informed about important announcements and changes within the office environment.
  • Encourage employee engagement and participation in team events.

Office Events

    • Easily plan, manage, and promote events directly within the app, ensuring seamless coordination and attendance.
    • Enhance employee engagement and morale by providing opportunities for socialisation and networking through office events.
    • Keep everyone informed and excited about upcoming events, fostering a sense of community and belonging within the workplace.

    Satisfy Your Workplace Cravings

    • Access menus conveniently, making it easy to explore dining options and satisfy cravings.
    • Order, pay, and collect food directly through the app by integrating with catering facilities.
    • Enjoy hassle-free dining experiences with the option to have food delivered to your location, saving time and effort.

    Satisfy Your Workplace Cravings

    • Send out office surveys to gather valuable feedback.
    • Improve facilities and address concerns promptly by having employees report issues.
    • Access helpful information via the Ask a Question feature.

    Workplace insights

    Become data-driven

    ✔ Real-time insights into office occupancy and usage patterns
    ✔ Real-time workspace environment monitoring
    ✔ Efficient allocation of resources and facilities

    powerful integrations

    Say hello to a connected ecosystem

    Microsoft 365

    Simplify the process of scheduling meetings, booking resources, and managing your workspace—all within the familiar Microsoft 365 environment. 

    Microsoft Outlook Add-In
    Search for available rooms, create meetings and add meeting rooms, service requests, and visitors—all directly from within your Microsoft Outlook calendar by integrating with GemEx App.
    IoT Sensors

    Integrate with any hardware to monitor multiple spaces from a single device and providing accurate data on occupancy, air quality, temperature and CO2 levels.


    Protect client privacy by anonymising room bookings.

    Outlook add in

    Customers in the know

    Clients, such as EY, take our platform and white-label app, apply their branding and choose the modules they want to have employees return to office. Since the first UK trial in 2019 our software has also been rolled out to EY sites around the globe including America, Australia, India, Japan and more.


    Would recommend the app to a colleague or friend

    Everything You Need To Bring Employees Back Into The Office

    Resourceful Bookings:

    Utilise the Book module to discover and reserve available resources and services.

    Employee Engagement: 

    Enables real-time engagement with employees, ensuring they have an up-to-date and seamless workplace experience.

    Collaborative Work:

    Find your colleagues with ease and foster a collaborative work environment.

    Access Control: 

    Use your mobile device for seamless access to buildings, rooms, lockers, and printers.


    Raise and track service requests conveniently.

    Discover the Space: 

    Utilise indoor navigation and location-based services for an enhanced experience.

    Visitor Management

    Handle internal and external visitors efficiently.

    Data Insights:

    Harness the power of data-driven insights from occupancy and booking analytics.

    Integration and API Engine:

    GemEx Engine Platform forms the backbone of GemEx App’s capabilities. It enables seamless connections with various systems and technologies.

    Food & Beverage Services: 

    Simplify your meal times by ordering food and drinks through the app.

    Smart Digital Twin:

    GemEx creates a digital replica of your office space, providing valuable context for physical assets, reservations, services and behaviour data. Helping you optimise processes, reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

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