Workplace trends in 2024: What to expect

by | 26 Feb 2024

As we step into 2024, big changes are happening in workplaces everywhere. From making sure our online spaces are safe to using more smart technology, the future is full of exciting possibilities and some challenges too.

In 2024, we’re more worried than ever about keeping our online workspaces safe. This means upgrading our systems that manage buildings and automating things like heating and cooling. There are lots of old systems out there, and we need to make them safer because there are more and more cyber-attacks happening all the time. Governments are also making rules to keep us safe, and companies that make building technology are working hard to make their systems safer too.

Did you know? The GemEx platform® and GemEx App have been developed to process large amounts of data securely. Hosted on UK/EU Tier 4 cloud computing resources provided by Amazon Web Services, with Tier 4 data center security and availability assurances.

Spica has achieved ISO 27001 certification and operates an ISO 27001 compliant Information Management System. Spica complies with all relevant UK and EU data protection legislation and is GDPR compliant.

In 2024, our workplaces become more and more smarter. The fusion of AI and natural language processing (NLP) is revolutionising employee-facing workplace apps. Things like virtual assistants that help us book meeting rooms or chatbots that find information are becoming common. These tools make our work lives easier and enhance employee engagement. Companies are racing to make their workplace apps smarter to keep up with the organisation’s and employees’ needs.

Even though things slowed down a bit last year, we’re seeing a comeback in workplace technologies that help us be more environmentally friendly. Governments are making rules to help us use less energy and produce fewer emissions. They’re also giving incentives to companies to make their buildings more efficient. This means we’ll see more solar panels, better insulation, and other green technologies in our buildings.

Smaller businesses are starting to use more smart technology too. They’re using things like cloud-based software and apps to help them save money and follow the rules. Big tech companies are paying attention to smaller businesses and making better technology that fits their needs.

In short, 2024 is going to be a year of big changes in our workplaces. We’ll be focusing more on keeping things safe online, using smarter technology and AI, being greener, and making sure technology works for all kinds of businesses, however big or small.