Introducing GemEx for Outlook

March 27, 2024
Jessica Wilson-Leigh

Introducing GemEx for Outlook, our latest innovation designed to bring a new level of efficiency and convenience to managing your office bookings within the comfort of the Outlook interface. Seamlessly search, create, and manage room bookings while effortlessly adding services—all in one smooth booking journey. Read on to discover how GemEx for Outlook Add-In can elevate your workplace experience.

Features to look forward to using in GemEx for Outlook Add-In

1. Simplified Booking Journey

Tired of toggling between platforms to reserve a meeting room? The days of switching between applications are over. GemEx for Outlook centralises the entire booking journey within Outlook. Whether you need a conference room for a team meeting or a boardroom for a client presentation, finding the perfect space is just a few clicks away.

2. Attendee Management

The hassle of manually coordinating attendee lists is no more. Colleagues added to your event in Outlook will automatically be included as attendees to your booking. This seamless integration ensures that attendees can be managed effortlessly, whether you access the booking through Outlook, the GemEx platform, or the GemEx App.

3. Filter Settings

GemEx for Outlook empowers you to find the perfect meeting room that suits your specific requirements. With the ability to filter meeting rooms based on preferences such as amenities, you can personalise your search and streamline the booking process. Whether you need a room equipped with presentation tools or prefer a space with natural lighting, GemEx for Outlook Add-In ensures that you find a meeting room that meets your exact needs, enhancing your overall meeting experience.

4. Visual View

Explore meeting room options with ease using GemEx for Outlook’s list and map views. Whether you prefer a comprehensive list view or a visual map view, GemEx provides you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions. Easily navigate through meeting room details, including capacity, amenities, and availability, ensuring that you choose a meeting room with confidence.

Map view of office in outlook add in

5. Booking Control

Take control of your bookings directly through your Outlook event with GemEx for Outlook. Easily create, edit, and cancel bookings—all in one centralised location. Need to change the location of your booking at the last minute? No problem. GemEx allows you to modify booking details effortlessly, ensuring that your plans remain flexible and adaptable.

6. Up-to-Date Booking Information

Rest assured that your bookings are always accurate and up to date with GemEx for Outlook. Any changes made to your booking are instantly reflected in both the GemEx Engine® Platform and GemEx App. Whether you’re updating the date, time, or location of your event, GemEx ensures that your booking information remains synchronised across all devices.

7. Seamless Service Integration

With GemEx for Outlook, managing services for your bookings is seamlessly integrated into the booking process. When searching for a meeting room, use the ‘Services’ filters to ensure that your event is equipped with everything you need. Simply add required services such as catering or porterage and apply filters to view available meeting rooms with these services. If the services are partially available, simply select the services overlay to see more information about what isn’t available and why, ensuring you can make an informed choice and find a meeting room that is suitable for your event. 

8. Detailed Service Information

Once a meeting room is selected, browse available services and view detailed information such as service summary, cost per item, lead times, and setup requirements. Specify delivery and collection times, quantity, and add notes with preferences or dietary requirements to your service request. GemEx even allows you to specify a cost centre for accurate billing, ensuring that services are charged to the right place.

9. Flexible Service Management

Revisit and manage services for your booking directly within your Outlook event. Whether you need to add more services, edit existing ones, or cancel items, you can do so seamlessly without leaving your Outlook event. Even if changes are made to the date, time, or location of your event, GemEx strives to retain services whenever possible, providing you with the flexibility you need to facilitate your meeting event as planned.


GemEx for Outlook

GemEx for Outlook offers office managers, administrative assistants and employees convenience by seamlessly integrating meeting room bookings and service management directly into your Outlook environment. No more switching between multiple platforms or struggling with clunky booking systems—GemEx streamlines the entire process, saving you time and effort. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and shape the future of work, elevating workplace experiences globally.

Curious to test out this new feature? Request a GemEx free demo today!

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