Spica’s Devicepoint® for Healthy Water is an efficient risk management tool, especially when used as part of a complete Legionella control regime.

Our connected devices constantly monitor the temperature in sections of pipe work. They eliminate manual work or reading and recording pipe temperature measurements and they provide a vastly superior picture of likely risks and pipe system usage.


REQUEST INFORMATION: How our Healthy Water solution addresses the HSE L8 legislation.

Beyond Cost Saving

  • Up-to-date picture of outlets at risk
  • Automatic notifications and alerts for proactive risk management
  • Complete, on-line history and audit of all data and automated reports
  • Auto-detections which outlets need to be flushed as part of a control regime, and more importantly which ones don’t (saving water)
  • Identify other risks – e.g. detects temperatures that exceed safe limits and pose a risk of scalding, or risks of freezing pipes
  • Detecting outlets that are under or have been left running
  • Ability to integrate directly into Building/Asset Management systems such as Maximo, as well as other enterprise applications e.g. SAP