5 Benefits of Heatmap Analytics in the Workplace

by | 12 Oct 2021

Heatmaps are a fantastic analytical tool for exploring your data. Our GemEx Engine® Workspace solution features heatmap analytics to further help you get a clearer picture of your building data. We’ll be going into the functionality, and application of heatmaps within the GemEx platform, as well as the benefits of their use. 

How is Heatmap Data Gathered

Heatmaps can be used to gather data from physical environment, using what is known as a digital twin. A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately represent a physical object, such as a floor plan of a building. Using IoT sensors to collect environmental data, you can use our GeEx platform to analyse the collected data in a variety of different ways. 

Benefits of Heatmap Data 

Accessible Analytics 

  1. Heatmaps are a very accessible way to analyse your utilisation trend data, especially if you aren’t comfortable working with charts and spreadsheets. Being able to communicate your data to key stakeholders is an important facet of its effectiveness, the visual nature of a heatmap is an ideal way to convey your data.  

Discover Hidden Insights 

  1. They also offer insights that are not as obvious from chart data, information such as are your staff observing social distancing or sitting together, what are popular/unpopular areas, what environmental factors have an impact on this. 

Space Optimisation 

  1. Underutilised and popular areas can both be identified within GemEx. This allows you to make informed decisions on areas of your facility that would benefit from change. This ranges from improving your meeting room layout, to providing the correct amenities for your staff. Heatmaps on GemEx will also provide live feedback for the changes you have made, allow you to see the positive benefits of improving your work environment. 

Historical Analysis 

  1. Within GemEx date ranges can be changed when needed and data can be filtered based on working hours. Historically collected data can be accessed, allowing the user to examine data both pre and post returning to office, before and after covid office rules change. 

Improved Cleaning Efficiency 

  1. Being able to see which areas of your building get the most use means you’ll be able to direct your cleaning teams those areas, allowing you to respond more proactively rather than just reactively. As keeping a clean working environment is more important than ever, this is a great way to maximise your cleaning team’s efficiency. 

Overall they are a great communication tool to add to your existing analytics by giving you a new lens to look through. 

Heatmaps in action

Let’s look at an example. 

Here we have a heatmap within the Workspace perspective of the GemEx  platform. As you can see it shows us the level of activity throughout the building by displaying data over a digital twin. From this example we can see which areas are being utilised the most, and which are being used the least. It shows data from the past month, which can explain a few of the things we see here. Large portions of the space have an average 0 to 40% utilisation, whereas very centralised, specific areas have an average utilisation 70% to 100%. 

What does this office heatmap data tell us?  

Given the time frame of this information it indicates that the staff were returning to the office and following social distancing due to Covid 19. The centralised points with high utilisation could be due to the specifics of that environment that are beneficial to the person using it. This could be the ideal temperature, light conditions, and amenities available. 

Just from a brief look at this example we can get an idea of how the space is used, without any familiarity with the building. Pairing this with the other analytics that GemEx provides you, it gives you the means to make positive, impactful changes for your workplace environment. 

If you would like to see everything that GemEx has to offer you and your team, take the first steps towards optimising your workplace experience by visiting our website. You can speak to one of our Digital Consultants about workspace analytics and heatmapping, as well as booking a demo of GemEx to see everything that it can offer you, and how it will benefit you.