Spica’s Global Expansion: Breaking New Frontiers!

by | 10 Aug 2023

As we continue to grow and innovate, we are thrilled to share some incredible updates on our journey to new horizons. At Spica, our mission has always been to provide exceptional solutions and services to our valued customers worldwide. Today, we proudly announce three major achievements that mark significant milestones in our global expansion efforts.

1. Successful Installations in Finland: Strengthening Customer Experiences

In our commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences, we are thrilled to announce the successful completion of sensor installations at two prominent locations in Finland – Espoo and Turku. These state-of-the-art sensors will monitor occupancy and environmental data, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.

Our workplace app plays a pivotal role in optimising workspace utilisation, offering seamless desk and meeting room bookings. With the integration of meeting rooms into O365, users experience a bidirectional booking experience, further streamlining their scheduling process.

The collaboration with our esteemed Finnish partner has propelled us to new heights, solidifying our commitment to industry revolution through cutting-edge technology. This accomplishment reaffirms our belief that by harnessing our expertise and understanding our customers’ needs, we can deliver lasting value to their businesses. We are excited to build on this success and continue cultivating stronger relationships with clients worldwide, ensuring their workplace experiences are nothing short of exceptional.

2. Workplace App Launch in Spain: Empowering Users Across Borders

We are delighted to announce the launch of our innovative white-label workplace app in Spain! This momentous occasion marks a significant stride in empowering users in a new region to experience enhanced organisation and efficiency throughout their day. With our app’s seamless and intuitive user experience, individuals can optimise their time, streamline tasks, and effortlessly achieve their goals. Designed to cater to both desk and meeting room bookings, our workplace app seamlessly integrates meeting room reservations with O365, offering a unified and efficient platform.

With the debut in Spain, we aim to transform the way users manage their daily routines, enabling them to focus on what truly matters. Our workplace app’s journey in Spain is an exciting one, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on users’ lives.

3. Venturing into South America: Introducing Spica Workplace App to Argentina

As we continue to expand our global reach, we are thrilled to announce our first site in South America – Argentina! This marks a momentous occasion for Spica as we venture into new territories, embracing the vibrant culture and dynamic market of South America.

With our workplace app’s introduction to the South American market, we are excited to witness its adoption and the value it will bring to users in the region. In addition to offering desk and meeting room booking services, our app will now empower users at the South American site to conveniently book car parking spaces. With this new feature, users can easily secure parking spots in advance, ensuring a hassle-free experience upon arrival. We are excited to provide a seamless car parking booking option, making mobility more efficient and stress-free for our users in South America.

Our team is dedicated to understanding and catering to the unique needs of our South American users, ensuring they experience the full potential of our innovative app.

Looking Ahead: A World of Possibilities

These achievements are only the beginning of our global expansion endeavours.

At Spica, we are driven by a vision to transform lives and businesses through technology. With our global expansion, we seek to touch the lives of millions, leaving a positive impact wherever we go. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, partners, and employees for their unwavering support and belief in our mission.

Together, let’s embrace the world, break new frontiers, and shape a brighter future for all.

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