Spica to deliver Workplace App solution, optimising employee experience at new Zurich HQ

by | 03 Jul 2020

Collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) demonstrates Spica Technologies’s leading capability to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to improve workplace experience.

Spica Technologies is developing a user-centric workplace experience solution for Zurich, which will initially be available to approximately 1,600 users at the insurers’ new state-of-the-art ˈQuai Zurich Campusˈ global headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

After a stringent selection process, Spica have been appointed as Zurich’s solution provider on the strength of Spica’s Luna Workplace Experience App, core GemEx™ Digital Twin platform, and external systems integration expertise. The Spica focus on UX design and creating a unique user journey, coupled with a proven track record of delivering similar premium employee-focused solutions to multinational clients, were also important factors in the decision.

 “We are delighted to work with Zurich on this exciting journey. More than ever, it will be essential for employers to design workplaces that are healthy, productive and fun destinations for employees and visitors, whilst creating desired experiences. Zurich’s forward-thinking, employee-centric approach is a shining example, and we look forward to strengthening our collaboration in the years to come.”

Tim Streather, Spica CEO.


The App will be fully customised to embrace Zurich’s corporate brand and cultural identity, whilst being personalised to the individual user. This integrated digital solution will enable Zurich’s employees working at the headquarters as well as visiting global staff, to interact with disparate enterprise systems in the building such as security access control, meeting room booking, and FM service requests.

All services will be augmented with the latest Internet of Things sensor and internal positioning technologies to provide powerful location-based services via a seamless holistic app interface. In addition, Zurich’s corporate real estate and facilities management teams will benefit from a wealth of data, to provide service improvements supported by an in-depth analysis of how employees are using the building and space.

“At Zurich, we are passionate about the future of work and workplace transformation. The implementation of Spica’s Luna Workplace Experience App and GemEx™ platform will help us to provide more supportive, immersive, and pleasurable employee experiences. We are very pleased to be working with Spica and look forward to continuing the journey together.”

David Morley, Head of Workplace Transformation at Zurich.

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