Unveiling GemEx App – A Bold Rebranding of Spica’s Workplace Experience App

by | 06 Oct 2023

Birmingham, 18 October 2023 – Spica Technologies, a trailblazer in workplace management solutions, is delighted to announce a significant transformation in their product line-up – the rebranding of their Luna Workplace Experience App. The Luna app, a trusted companion for optimising workplace utilisation, will now be known as the GemEx App, complete with an exciting new logo and an invigorating colour scheme.

A Fresh Identity for the GemEx App

Spica Technologies is committed to evolving with the changing needs of modern workplaces. The rebranding of the Luna App to the GemEx App reflects this commitment. This transformation encompasses a new name, a visually captivating identity, and an entirely fresh look for the app itself. The GemEx App now proudly embraces a harmonious green palette that aligns seamlessly with the rest of Spica’s branding, especially the GemEx Engine® platform. By adopting this new colour scheme, Spica Technologies aims to create a more cohesive and polished visual experience for its users.

Introducing the New GemEx App Logo

As part of the rebranding, the GemEx App also unveils its new logo. While retaining the iconic Luna icon that users are familiar with, the logo has been refreshed with colours that align seamlessly with the platform’s branding. This fresh logo symbolises the evolution of the app and the continued commitment to delivering a superior workplace experience.

Streamlined Updates in the App Store

To ensure a smooth transition for users, Spica Technologies will implement changes in the Apple App and Google Play Stores. Currently listed as “Luna: Spica Workplaces,” the app’s name will be updated to “GemEx: Spica Workplaces.” Additionally, the app’s logo will be changed to the new green GemEx app logo, ensuring consistency with the rebrand.

Currently, the app name that appears on users phones once downloaded is “Spica Luna.” This will be changed to “Spica GemEx” to reflect the new app identity.

Continued Support

Spica Technologies understands that change can sometimes raise questions or require adjustments for users. Rest assured, the dedicated Spica Technologies support team is readily available to assist throughout this transition. The GemEx App’s rebranding represents a commitment to delivering a streamlined, visually appealing app and platform that empowers modern workplace journeys.

“I’m really pleased to introduce this name change to the GemEx App as it aligns and emphasises the way our App and Platform work together to provide combined value for our customers, they really are two sides of the same coin.

For example, our Book module supports App users to find the right space for their needs and add on extras like services quickly and easily, in the Platform the same module gives estates manages detailed analytics to understand usage and workplace managers the capability to nudge employee behaviour.

The GemEx App name means we put the focus on the full range of value generated from our Product, working for many different types of user and their various needs.”

Paul Jones, Managing Director, Spica UK

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