Workplace Experience App

Employee Communications

More than an intranet, take a feature-packed path to employee communications and reach your teams wherever they work.

With our white label Workplace Experience App building trust and engaging your teams can be simple and fun.

Choose app branding, modules & integrations

Your Digital Twin is set up & training begins

Launch your employee app & digital signage

Geo-specific content

With your content management system you can assign content to specific regions, buildings, rooms or even a specific desk and push notifications. Run multiple news channels for different groups and topics with the My Feeds module.

Multi-lingual options

The headless content management system with GemEx allows you to publish in numerous languages. Our system allows for collaboration on content with role-based publishing workflows to allow you to follow your business processes.

Announce events

Engage your employees by promoting company events via your app. Let your team know event details, occupancy numbers and allow them to register with the Events module.

Give them a taster

Everyone needs to eat and with the Food & Beverage module you can show employees on-site and local menus. 

Collect Employee Feedback

Gather feedback ratings on workspaces that have been used with the Book module. Then give your staff a voice and allow them to report issues with the Help & Support module.

Engagement Analytics

Measure employee app engagement with dashboard analytics for clear reporting to stakeholders.

Manage employee comms in our intuitive platform

Your employee app’s expansive list of features is all made possible by the GemEx Engine®.