Case Study

Atos Enhances Workspace Utilisation

with Spica in Collaboration with ISS


Client Overview

Client: Atos

Solution: Spica Workplace

Product: GemEx Engine®

Location: UK

Partnershiop: ISS

The Story

Atos, a renowned multinational IT service and consulting company, embarked on a transformative journey to optimize their workspace utilisation.

With a global workforce of over 110,000 employees, Atos sought innovative solutions to enhance workspace efficiency while addressing environmental and social challenges. The collaboration with Spica aimed to monitor and analyze workspace occupancy and utilisation throughout their UK locations.

The Solution

Atos partnered with Spica to deploy the GemEx Engine® platform, an advanced solution tailored for Workspace optimisation. The implementation spanned their entire UK portfolio, enabling the real-time tracking of occupancy patterns and utilisation trends.

“The addition of Sensor Technology to our FM Digital portfolio underpins our Real Estate strategy and decision making, the clarity of in office display screens and ability to quickly analyse occupancy trends enables clear and precise data supporting business case decisions relating to Real Estate disposals, consolidations and acquisitions as well as giving staff the opportunity to occupy a suitable location within the office to suit their personal environmental preferences. The collaborative approach between all parties in the proposal, implementation and agreed fully managed service has delivered a great scalable solution.”

Mike Shanahan, Atos FM Director

The Result

GemEx Engine’s standard analytics and dashboards allow our customer to efficiently and effectively plan relocations and consolidations across the whole of the Atos UK Portfolio, highlighting trends, patterns and requirements for space usage. Spica also provided custom reporting to allow for benchmarking with the Atos global estate.

This data analysis provided the business cases for property consolidations in London and Durham with further floor consolidations in Wolverhampton and Runcorn resulting in a footprint reduction of over 3,600m2 and providing capital investment return within year 1.

Direct benefits to employees are also being realised, real-time displays installed in each location clearly identify agile hot-desking availability, allowing staff to easily find a suitable space to work and the facilities team to support employees.

Monitoring and reporting of environmental levels (temperature, humidity, noise) provides a more comfortable working environment and allows for proactive identification of service issues.

Download the full case study here.

This revised case study format highlights the accomplishments and challenges of Atos deploying Spica’s Workplace solutions in partnership with ISS.


  • Strategic Decision-Making: Standard analytics and custom reporting allowed Atos to plan relocations and consolidations efficiently. This data-driven approach led to property consolidations, resulting in a reduction of over 3,600m² and rapid capital investment return within year 1.
  • Employee-Centric: Employees experienced enhanced agility in finding workspaces through real-time displays. The solution improved workspace comfort through environmental monitoring.
  • Collaborative Success: The collaborative approach in proposal, implementation, and managed service delivery ensured scalability and effectiveness.