Case Study

Manchester City Verve: IoT Smart City Demo

Client Overview

Client: Manchester CityVerve

Solution: Spica Workplace

Product: GemEx Engine® 

Location: Manchester, UK

The Challenge

Spica is one of 10 SME’s in the winning consortium for a £10m Internet of Things Smart Cities Demonstrator, for Manchester CityVerve.

To quickly and easily retrofit sensor capabilities into ‘legacy’ buildings, by means of ‘non-destructive’ installations, and make that data available to other enterprise systems in order to produce building management and optimisation on a par with that in modern buildings.

The Solution

Spica has been tasked specifically with working on the “IOT Energy and Environment Management in Public & Commercial Buildings” project. Due to poor energy efficiency and lack of modern BMS capabilities, these buildings provide the biggest opportunity to improve efficiency through better awareness and pro-active behaviour.

Spica’s GemEx Engine® (formerly Devicepoint®) for Healthy Water is an example of a simple, retrofit IOT offering, providing real-time water system monitoring solution for Legionella control. It replaces traditional manual techniques with connected devices, taking real-time data readings on pipe temperature which feed into the GemEx Engine® dashboard for easy remote access.

The Result

This innovative and first-of-a-kind IOT solution offers huge cost savings, better accuracy to exceed regulatory requirements and a proactive approach to tackling this widespread health risk.

  • Environmental improvements
  • Economic opportunities
  • More efficient and effective delivery of services (transport, healthcare and energy)
  • Transforming city services around the needs of people and providing a blueprint for other cities in the UK and beyond

A perspective from Spica

“We are hugely proud and excited about being part of the winning consortium; not just from a funding perspective, but also as it opens up the opportunity for us to involve key local partners and clients in delivering a high-profile IOT project in the North West.”

Tim Streather
Managing Director