Introducing Yanzi Health: One sensor for IAQ & Occupancy

by | 04 Nov 2022

One sensor to rule them all and in the darkness and confusion of understanding our indoor spaces bring together monitoring for both indoor air quality and room occupancy in one awesome piece of hardware.

Take the stress out of measuring your spaces with a simple, scalable and secure solution. Yanzi Health has a non-complex set up where you can be connected to the cloud within minutes. IP communication and standardised tech are equipped with enterprise security. So you can rest assured that you can scale up your monitoring safely. Simplified for users as one single IoT network needed, and no wiring required. Yanzi Health is the latest innovative IoT sensor from the Yanzi networks product range, a recent addition to Spica’s comprehensive SmartCloud offering for smart building solutions. With improved accuracy this sensor can be powered from a USB-C wall outlet or a Power over Ethernet (PoE) and acts as a mesh node for other Yanzi sensors.

Yanzi Health for Indoor Air Quality

In Honeywell’s 2nd annual Healthy Buildings survey, 9/10 respondents wanted to be informed of their buildings air quality. Air quality depends on numerous factors and Yanzi health gets to them. The sensors monitor room occupancy and indoor air quality such as particulate matter (PM) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Yanzi Health can be connected wirelessly or via ethernet to Yanzi IoT Gateway in a secure way through Yanzi’s “Zero-Touch configuration”. It can be immediately accessed through the Cirrus API or Yanzi Insights dashboard. Yanzi sensors can also be accessed via Environment Monitoring in the GemEx Engine platform.

What does it monitor?

  • PM
  • CO2
  • VOC Index
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Sound pressure (dBA)
  • Ambient light

😮 Wow, Yanzi Health measures a lot!

Yanzi Health for Particulate Matter Monitoring

Let’s talk about particulate matter. Why does it matter so much? Well particulate matter is a mixture of compounds such as dust, chemicals or even smoke from cooking, cleaning products, printers, consumer products and even outdoor pollution making its way in. High PM levels have been linked to poor health and in this fight knowledge is power. Yanzi Health is capable of measuring fine to coarse sized PM, including PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 .

Yanzi Health & Hybrid Mesh Tech

Mesh nodes may sound a bit space-agey but in simple terms it’s a network of wireless data being passed between devices securely and well wirelessly. Yanzi Health acts as a hub for all the data it captures utilising the Mesh Node Network. The sensor itself is a mesh node, giving several data points to communicate. So if one fails the data is still being sent through all the working sensors.  

A major benefit of this is that the sensors don’t all have to be in direct range of a gateway or access point because they can pass the data through a mesh node instead. Yanzi Health uses hybrid mesh tech allowing for seamless multihop between long and short range radios. This is opposed to regular mesh tech which has seamless multihop between short range radios. What this all means is that data can be transferred securely and easily over extended ranges.

Yanzi Health for Occupancy and Comfort

The average cost of occupying a new build office increased by 13% in September 2022 and for a 20 year old building, costs increased by 18%.

Now imagine being able to reduce operational costs just by monitoring occupancy. Yanzi Health helps you understand occupancy trends in your building and enables you to adjust heating, ventilation and lights to use only when needed. Most office-based businesses have 1 meeting room for every 10 employees. You could be on your way to building a new meeting room thinking you need more, only to look at the occupancy data and realise that current existing rooms are being underutilised. This not only cuts costs significantly for you but also ensures your making better use of your workspace, instead a new meeting room you build on things your office or building needs such as new breakout space.

Yanzi Health can help you understand in detail how your building is being used, letting you make more efficient management decisions and get the most out of existing space.