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GemEx Engine® Booking Services is an extended feature that enhances your booking experience.

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Service Hierarchy Configuration

Experience the flexibility of configuring your own service hierarchy to match your unique requirements.


Enhanced Booking Experience

Add services and mobile assets directly onto your bookings. A booking experience tailored to your needs.

Navigating the user’s experience

Improved Service Request Management

Service providers can now access and manage service requests conveniently. 

A Comprehensive User Journey


Now you can filter on a selection of services, view resource availability, and include service requests in your bookings. This update enables seamless communication between users and the relevant teams to fulfil service requests efficiently.

1. Find the perfect resource

Easily find an appropriate resource by filtering based on desired services and adjusting the proposed date and time of the resource booking.

2. Book with Confidence

Once you’ve found the ideal resource, book it effortlessly with just a few clicks.

3. Service Confirmation

If services are available for the selected resource, the confirmation screen will display all the relevant service categories scoped to that resource.

4. Customise your Services

Tailor your booking by adding the specific services you require, leaving notes, or modifying the delivery and collection times.

5. Chargeable Services

For chargeable services, please ensure you add a cost center to complete the request.

6. Confirmation and Peace of Mind

Confirm your request, and a confirmation screen will appear, ensuring your booking details are accurate.

7. Manage Requests Easily

Easily access and manage your service requests by navigating to “My Bookings” and viewing the requests on the booking page.


enhancements to streamline your booking process

Optimise your office experience


Find the perfect resource

Book with Confidence

Service Confirmation

Customise your Services

Chargeable Services

Confirmation and Peace of Mind

Manage Requests Easily

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