Workspace Solutions
for Education

FM software helping to improve the campus experience


Access to actionable data

Provide key stakeholders with clear data and analytics reports on real estate and campus experience for staff, students and visitors.

Provide a safe return to campus

Give students and staff a campus app where they are empowered to book on-site amenities and check how busy common areas are.

Manage capacity & compliance

Monitor occupancy levels for one or an entire portfolio of buildings and set alerts for on-site teams when capacity is close to being breached.


Optimise campus space

Real estate is your second most expensive asset. With our IWMS you can utilise portfolio data to improve your space management strategy.


Improve indoor air quality

Monitor levels on temperature, humidity, Co2, VOCs and many more factors to promote a healthier environment for building occupants.

Achieve environmental goals

Get an “eco-driven” building which saves money, increases the value of your property and contribute to the UK’s 2050 targets.

Secure platform & app

more than just a reservation system

It’s true that you can allow staff, students and visitors to book any campus resource but the GemEx platform and Luna app are much more than a booking system. Within one platform you can manage your entire portfolio, access your analytics data, set alerts for on-site teams and build an accurate digital twin of your estate with at a glance views of your assets.

fully automated energy AI

Ecopilot® is a new way of solving an old problem

Utilise all the free energy which is generated every day by people, computers, lighting and weather, which is then stored in the building’s walls and floors to keep the indoor temperature within a comfortable range and enhances your building management system (BMS).


Tools to improve the campus and
workspace experience

Workspace Management

Digital Building Twin
Real-time data
Space Management
Workspace Analytics

Campus App

Building Access
News, Events & Policies
Booking System
Service Requests
Order Food & Drink

Environment Monitoring

Improve air quality
Monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, Light, Sound and more
Set alerts

Desk & Meeting Room Reservations

Desk Reservations
Meeting Room Reservations
Filter by occupancy status
Filter by environment

Smart Cleaning

Real-time data
App for cleaning team
Send teams to needed areas
Increase efficiency
Visible task history

Indoor Navigation

Students can find study spaces
Check occupancy
Find campus points of interest
Navigate using the IPS

Spica energy

Monitor savings 
Adjusts set points every two minutes
Reduce CO2 emissions

Footfall Monitoring

Kiosk & TV views for common areas
At-a-glance occupancy
Alerts for capacity breaches
Real-time data


What You Get

Custom Branding

Agnostic Integrations

Online Training

Help Ticket System

Updates & Fixes

User Role Permissions

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

A connected campus

What can facilities technology do for the Education sector? Facilities management software for Education can turn into an alphabet soup of CAFM, CMMS and IWMSs. Let’s keep it simple, Spica’s GemEx Engine® platform can fall most easily into the IWMS category as we use IT, IoT sensors and other data to feed into one central platform where you can manage your entire corporate real estate portfolio. GemEx is your one stop shop for managing the campus experience and the Luna app is where your customers digitally interact with your facilities.

Students and staff can check the app for how busy the library, canteen or other common areas are. They can find and book available rooms or desks to study based on their preferred temperature and noise levels. Speaking of indoor environment quality, improving the air quality of study areas and lecture theatres can help boost student productivity and well being. Did you know high levels of CO2 can make you sleepy? Not great for students and staff with lots of work to do.

A pleasant indoor climate will be created after the installation of Ecopilot. This is thanks to ventilation, heating and cooling system being coordinated and controlled with a longer-term view as opposed to knee jerk reactions being made to immediate climate variations (either inside or out). The indoor temperature is regulated within set parameters through sensors. At your request, we can also install sensors that allow Ecopilot to regulate CO2 levels. Savings we’ve achieved in offices, hospitals and schools are 20–30%.

A campus connected to an IWMS system like the GemEx platform can make your historic or modern buildings more enjoyable places to be, helping to attract top talent for teaching and aid in enrolment. Book a demo to find out how the system can be tailored to your organisation.

"The digital workplace transformation journey with Spica through the last 3 years have been extraordinary. The team was able to rise to the challenge and provide industry leading smart building capabilities tailored to the unique requirements that we had."

Clament Lijoy, EY

“We have taken an innovative, careful and proactive approach to helping our people return to our workplace environments. Investing in Luna App technology helps ensure we provide a safe working environment whilst enhancing the customer experience. Spica have delivered a flexible and outstanding personalised service against a challenging deadline that meant we could rapidly integrate the app with our different workplace systems and allows our people to book their workspaces as part of their safe office re-entry.”

Louise Sheppard,  Zurich