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The Ultimate Workplace Solution


Our workplace solution is designed to enhance your return-to-office journey. Our commitment goes beyond a mere desk booking app — we empower your connection with the workplace culture and environment, fostering a dynamic and enriching employee experience.

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Why Make The Switch To Spica?

In your journey to find the best desk booking solution for your business, you might wonder how Spica Technologies compares to Condeco. Spica Technologies equips you with the tools you need to start optimising your workspace and enhancing employee experience.

Going a step further, Spica Technologies helps you build comprehensive workspace strategies, transforming your office into a dynamic and flexible environment. Condeco, while offering similar functionalities, may not provide the same level of user-friendliness, advanced analytics, or seamless integrations that Spica Technologies does.

Choose Spica Technologies to not just manage, but also transform your workspace. 

“The digital workplace transformation journey with Spica through the last 5 years have been extraordinary. The team was able to rise to the challenge and provide industry leading smart building capabilities tailored to the unique requirements that we had.”

Clament Lijoy

Global Digital Workplace Leader, EY

Switch For A Superior Experience:

User Friendly App
Workplace Experience Platform
Personal Spaces Booking Flexibility
Whole & Half-day Bookings Only
Digital Twin
Seamless Integration
IoT Integration
Engagement Features
Pricing Model
User-Based Pricing

Spica vs Condeco for Desk Booking

While Condeco limits bookings to whole or half-day slots, Spica offers flexibility with hourly booking options. Our system optimises resource utilisation, ensuring fair access to various resources for all employees.

What if I want to book a desk for only 2 hours?

Users can book various resources, from desks and breakout areas to car park spaces on an hourly basis. This flexibility ensures availability for all employees, allowing them to utilise spaces more efficiently without being confined to rigid time slots.

How can I prevent limited options from affecting my ability to efficiently manage resource bookings?

We prioritise a more flexible approach by offering options beyond rigid categories. Add any point of interest such as work pods or standing desks, customise the name and make it bookable all in the GemEx Engine Platform. Employees can view all the bookable options in the GemEx App and book the resources tailored to their specific needs. 

By providing enhanced flexibility in resource categorisation, Spica ensures a more customised and adaptable booking experience, meeting the diverse and specific needs of your workplace more effectively.

Can I make booking rules?

Yes. You’ll get the power to make resources ‘unbookable’, make group bookings, set a minimum or maximum book length and more. You are in charge and can create as many booking rules as you’ll like.

Spica vs Condeco for Space Optimisation

In the quest for an exceptional desk booking solution, the focus should revolve around the ultimate employee experience. Spica Technologies spearheads this ethos, positioning its GemEx Engine® Platform as the key catalyst for a transformative return-to-office journey.

Our GemEx Platform is a distinct advantage setting us apart from Condeco. Unlike our counterparts, Spica offers more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive system integrating a digital twin concept, redefining how your workspace operates.

How can we better understand and utilize our office space more efficiently?

A digital twin (like Spica’s GemEx Engine) provides a virtual representation of the physical workspace. This allows you visualsise space usage to identify underutilised areas, congestion points, and popular zones. This data-driven insight facilitates better space planning and cutting operational costs.

How can we gain real-time insights and manage our workspace efficiently from a remote location?

Our GemEx Platform enable remote monitoring and management capabilities. Managers can track real-time data on space utilisation, environmental conditions, and resource availability. This remote access and monitoring facilitate proactive management, allowing adjustments or interventions as needed without physical presence.

How can we improve the workspace to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction?

Use insights derived from our GemEx Platform to create employee-centric spaces. Design workspaces that enhance employee productivity, collaboration, and well-being, ultimately leading to a more positive employee experience.

Spica vs Condeco for Integrations

How can I seamlessly integrate IoT devices into my workspace environment?

Spica’s integration capabilities facilitate the smooth incorporation of IoT devices, offering a unified platform to connect and manage various devices, sensors, or smart technologies. This allows for automation of tasks, efficient resource utilisation, and real-time data insights for better workspace management.

How can I streamline the onboarding process for new technologies or systems in my workspace?

Spica’s dedicated Customer Support Team ensures a smooth integration process during onboarding, simplifying the setup for your IT team, IoT devices, and other technologies. Our team minimises disruptions and accelerates the adoption of new systems within the workspace environment by providing comprehensive training sessions.

How can I leverage integration to enhance collaboration and productivity effectively?

Spica’s seamless integration with Microsoft 365 creates a cohesive ecosystem. This allows for easy access to tools, data, and workflows, fostering enhanced collaboration and productivity among teams. 

Spica Technologies emerges as a leader in integration capabilities, offering unparalleled advantages over Condeco. From seamlesst IoT integration for real-time insights to Microsoft 365 integration fostering collaboration. In contrast, Condeco’s limited integration may hinder insights and present complexities, limiting workspace efficiency.

Ultimately, Spica’s holistic integration capabilities empower clients with a more efficient, seamless, and collaborative workspace environment, setting it apart from Condeco’s potentially constrained integration offerings.

Spica vs Condeco for Employee Experience

Spica’s dedication to providing a superior workplace experience stands out, offering more than the conventional desk booking concept like many of our competitors. Condeco’s focus appears primarily confined to desk bookings, lacking the breadth of engagement offered by Spica.

The Spica Workplace® Solution embodies a holistic approach, empowering employees to engage not only with the organisation but also with the workspace itself. Through features like service requests, feedback channels, event updates, company news, and transport information, Spica fosters a dynamic and enriched workplace experience.

How can employees actively engage and connect with the workplace beyond their organisational roles

Spica Technologies recognises the importance of fostering a connected and engaged workspace. Through the GemEx App, employees can seamlessly engage with the building by submitting service requests effortlessly, share feedback openly, access updates on nearby events, stay informed about company news, and receive transport-related information.

This comprehensive approach empowers employees to interact with the building environment actively, fostering a sense of involvement, addressing concerns promptly, and creating a more enriched workplace experience.

How can I create an environment that supports and enhances the daily work experience of my employees?

The GemEx App offers extensive customisation options, allowing seamless integration of various modules, personalised branding colours to match your buisness, and tailored integrations to suit your workspace needs. With built-in navigational aids, interactive maps, and intuitive interfaces, the app ensures effortless navigation within the workspace. Employees can easily locate resources and amenities, thanks to these features, fostering a more streamlined and user-friendly workspace experience.

How can employees personalise their workspace settings to improve their daily work experience?

Employees can personalise their workspace preferences through the GemEx App, setting up preferred amenities, seating arrangements, or environmental settings tailored to their needs.


Savvy Savings  

ISS rolled out Spica’s Workspace technology nationally across 30 client core locations which influenced client estates strategy. Sensor-based occupancy audits created savings approaching £5 million per annum to date. In addition to the financial benefits, sensor technology enabled the client health and safety team to implement Covid protocols quickly and effectively to ensure optimum business operations and safe working environments.

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