Workplace experience in a changing world

by | 27 Apr 2020

The team @ Spica Technologies have teamed up with the WORKTECH Academy to conduct research into the use and relevance of Workplace Experience Apps. The results of this survey will be published in the up-coming WORKTECH Academy Workplace App Technology Guide. A webinar will also be hosted to talk through the findings, with a Q&A feedback session available for all participants.

Workplace experience in a changing world: 

Recent enforced remote working due to the terrible global pandemic brings the whole topic of Workplace Experience very much to the fore. It’s likely working practices will never be quite the same again, with a new emphasis on Healthy, not just Smart buildings, and an accelerated adoption of agile/remote working, meaning what we want from, and how we interact with the traditional office may change significantly. As an industry, we should be thinking about how best to service employees to be healthy and productive, with the right digital tools, whether they are working from home, the office or the beach (we have to dream in these tough times!).

“It’s a Brave New World — or rather a Smart New World — at least in the world where employees live outside the workplace. Then they arrive at the office and it’s like taking a step back in time, where even the simplest of tasks can seem effortful and frustrating.” Gartner, 2019

If this scenario resonates with your office, you are not alone. Companies of all sizes, across all industry verticals are struggling with the challenge of how to satisfy modern, heightened staff expectations for the employee experience; whilst at the same time meeting significant operational efficiency targets. This has driven the rise of a new category of CRE Technology – the Workplace Experience App.

Workplace Experience Apps typically pull together information from previously silo’d systems such as access control, room booking or catering, augmented with sensor and internal-positioning technology to provide powerful real-time location-based services. They should embrace corporate brand and cultural standards, providing a bespoke experience for your company, whilst being personalised to the individual user. By working together, Corporate Real Estate, IT, HR and FM teams can shape a Digital Workplace strategy to deliver best-in-class frictionless employee experiences, whilst using the data on how workspaces and building systems are used to drive operational improvements.

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