Happy International Women’s Day 2022!

by | 08 Mar 2022

Whilst women’s achievements should be celebrated every day, March 8 is a day dedicated solely to women, a day to raise awareness on issues impacting women, a day to challenge stereotypes of women and a day to promote progressive change in equality.  

At Spica Technologies, we are proud of our diverse and inclusive culture and are committed to creating a positive gender balance in our workforce. Currently, we have a 30:70 ratio of women to men, with a fair proportion of women in leadership and management related roles. We are striving to achieve a 50:50 gender balanced ratio. 

International Women’s Day 2022 

This year’s #IWD2022 theme is #BreakTheBias. Women globally are being encouraged to break the gender bias they face every day in life, from at home to the workplace. An UN report found that almost 90% of people are biased against women. Being biased against women refers to showing preferential treatment towards men whilst displaying discriminatory or prejudiced behaviour against women. 

In some industries we are seeing change, albeit slowly, the number of women in parliament rose to 24.1% globally. However, in the tech industry, there is still a visible lack of women representation with: 

  • Just 19% of the UK tech workforce being women 
  • 77% of tech directors are men and only 23% are women 
  • Women in tech are nearly twice as likely as men to have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 
  • 72% of women said that they are usually outnumbered by men in business meetings by a ratio of 2:1 
  • Women in tech are 4X more likely than men to see gender bias as an obstacle to promotion. 
  • 78% of women in tech feel they have to work harder than their co-workers to prove their worth 

Spica Tech will join women globally in breaking the bias. We will challenge gender stereotapes, discrimination, bias, and inequality. We will do our part in moving towards a more gender equal and inclusive world. 

#BreakingTheBias as Women in Tech 

To classify as a ‘Woman in Tech’, a woman does not necessarily have to be working in a technology related role. You don’t have to be a developer or IT director to be considered in a tech job. From working in marketing to HR, sales to finance, if you work for a tech company, the job title does not matter, you are a Woman in Tech! 

Over the next few months, we will be launching our new blog series #SheTalkWeTalk, where the women of Spica from all departments will be talking gender equality, being a Woman in Tech, how men can be better allies and advice for current young women thinking of joining the tech industry. 

Keep an eye out for our latest social media campaign ‘Being a girl, I was told’. Through this campaign, we will be calling out the biased and discriminatory things women have been told from a young age and how the women of Spica persevered to overcome these barriers. 

Spica Tech will also be participating in #GirlTechWM in April, where we will be delivering interactive workshops for 200 female students in Year 8 and 9 from the West Midlands. We hope to encourage these students to consider a STEM related career path and to give them a hands-on experience of what working in the tech sector is all about.  

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Celebrate women’s achievement.

Raise awareness against bias.

Take action for equality. 

Together we can #BreakTheBias!