Spica, the OS of your Workspace.

by | 15 Mar 2019

Being based within Birmingham’s Innovation Campus has several benefits. One I find most enriching is the connectivity with the local and visiting communities. For instance, just last week in our HQ at iCentrum we had the PlaceTech community use the space to share insights in property innovation trends.

This event brought people together from across the country and covered the spectrum of Proptech. From the changing landscape of Architecture & Construction to the shifting behaviours of building occupants empowered by greater access to their facilities data.

Personally, I can’t help but get excited when I attend events like this. It’s the collective desire to help make our working lives a little less stressful and a lot healthier that motivates me.

Here at Spica, we envision our workspaces of tomorrow doing more for us as building users in terms of improving our overall health, wellbeing and productivity*.

The challenge though is implementing the right solutions that deliver the best benefits for all. At the PlaceTech event, like so many Business & Technology events these days, the focus is often on the Solution. I say, what’s the problem?

… and why does it matter?

An interesting insight from the event was that ‘Connectivity’ is seen as a basic human right amongst the younger generations these days. This was brought up in relations to WiFi accessibility. I don’t know whether this is true or not. I generally don’t like to make assumptions especially those which are so generic in categorising whole generations.

After reflecting this past week on what Connectivity could actually mean, I see it more like a jigsaw puzzle. Seeing the big picture only when all the funny shaped pieces fit neatly together. For a technological example, Connectivity could look like how our much loved (yet underappreciated) computer Operating Systems manages everything together.

During a separate part of the event, the light bulb moment went off hearing the poised event MC identifying the need for a Facilities Management Operating System. And why not!

We know how seamless and easy our computer OS has made our virtual spaces, so what if we had one for our Workspaces?

What do you see this looking like?

Do you feel your additional Connectivity needs could be better provided for within your working environment?

What if you could connect with your barista before entering the building to save you time queuing? Imagine if you could directly connect with the available meeting rooms whilst on the move so you can easily have one of the many impromptu meetings.





Anything is possible, so we make sure we offer a tailor-made design to deliver the outcomes that are significantly improving your day. The aim is at the end of it you can go home still feeling healthy, happy and productive.  A few examples of how we do this includes:

*Productivity, what is that exactly? More on this to come, so stay tuned.