What makes happy employees?

by | 05 Apr 2019

This is a simple question, but complex to answer. An overview of current research reports tells us quite strongly that the workplace experience must support:

  • A sense of wellbeing
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Individuals to feel they are making a contribution to the organisation

It’s clear that facilities managers, building owners/operators, and employers must put people first when designing and managing workplaces.

This is all very well but isn’t this a bit abstract? What steps can you actually take to improve the workplace experience?

The crucial role of technology

As the digital transformation of workplaces and buildings gathers pace, understanding and analysing data, looking for ways to reduce friction during a working day and supporting a feeling of wellbeing is essential for any forward-thinking employer.

People now expect to have similar digital experiences in their working life as they experience as consumers when managing their digital lives through multiple channels.

“There must be an ‘App’ for that”

…is now an expectation, not a dream. Increasingly this is making the difference between a good day in the office and a bad day in the office. Can you find a desk to use? Is your favourite meeting room free? Where is the kitchen on this floor? Can you pre-order your working lunch? Can you change the temperature in the meeting room? The screen’s not working, who do you call?


Recent research by LCMB utilising Spica GemEx Engine® (previously Devicepoint®) data from a range of different commercial building types has highlighted the long-held view that environmental conditions (such as temperature, relative humidity and CO2) have a significant impact on staff cognitive ability and performance.

Employee Satisfaction and a sense of making a contribution

Being in comfortable temperatures and good air quality at work is obviously really important but increasingly so too is the ability to navigate through the workplace and action the key issues of employee satisfaction and a feeling of making a contribution.

This is where the introduction and integration of technology can really help manage the workplace experience and provide individual employees with a smooth journey through the working day.  Sensors and software can provide valuable data and information to building managers. Connecting employees to the data, giving them visibility of the things that affect them, supporting them with practical and relevant information boosts the experience they have at work and how they feel about an organisation.

What makes for happy employees?
  • Being connected
  • Feeling supported
  • engaging with information, and
  • Eliminating friction could be the answer. It all combines to make work a better place.