Technology vs the Human Factor

by | 21 Aug 2019

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. Albert Einstein

A subjective point of view to share when Spica Technologies’ core Products and services are at the very heart of technology- based solutions; but in the fast paced, A.I driven world we are living and working in – it couldn’t be more relevant.

Personally, I have always been fascinated by people; by relationships, interactions and the differences in what drives one person but suffocates another? I am an avid watcher of people and never tire of trying to understand their stories, purpose and the dreams they are striving to fulfil.

As an HR Professional, like all of us, I am submerged in a world of social media; constantly trying to stay connected and keep up with the latest thinking in all things HR.  How can businesses survive and grow faced with today’s challenges?  What is the key to increasing productivity and efficiency? How can we attract the best talent and retain it? Whatever the question, the answer at the root of it all is people.

People…are a businesses’ greatest asset, yet in some ways the most complex; Or are they?

Maybe I’m a little old fashioned but in a world of amazing, and inspiringly innovative advances in technology, I sometimes I can’t help but savour the occasional tech-free, simple ‘human factor’. Millennials and their hunger to seek out experiences over things have the right idea in my view. To this generation, memories and moments mean more than monetary objects.

Whilst I couldn’t live without technology, all my devices and platforms that enable me to connect and communicate in such a wide-reaching, geographically defying way and, give me access to a world of knowledge, people and business opportunities; I still seek the rare moments of face to face human contact and all the positivity and energy it brings that cannot be replicated through an artificial environment.

Building rapport and sensing all the connotations that come with human interaction is to me still invaluable and evident in our latest employee survey – over 50% of the team prefer face to face, collective company update meetings over any other form of communication.

At Spica Technologies we work hard but also have a fun loving and energetic culture. 100 % of our employees agreed that they love our all-inclusive regular social events.

And most resounding of all 86% would recommend Spica Technologies as a great place to work!

My motto is ‘keep it simple’; we don’t need to over think it. Employees in the main want to do a fair days’ work for a fair days’ pay and enjoy feeling that their contribution is valued so that they have a strong sense of self-worth which can positively carry through and uplift other aspects of their lives.

So, give your employees some invaluable face time; get out of the office and get to know your people – see your culture blossom and your business grow.