A Year in Review

by | 27 Dec 2023

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, it’s time to reflect on Spica’s journey through 2023 – a year filled with groundbreaking achievements, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. From redefining our workplace experience app to expanding our global footprint, join us in revisiting the highlights that shaped our year.

Rebranding of Spica’s Workplace Experience App

Spica announced a significant transformation in their product line-up – the rebranding of their Luna Workplace Experience App. The Luna app, a trusted companion for optimising workplace utilisation, is now known as the GemEx App, complete with an exciting new logo and an invigorating colour scheme.

This transformation encompasses a new name, a visually captivating identity, and an entirely fresh look for the app itself. The GemEx App proudly embraces a harmonious green palette that aligns seamlessly with the rest of Spica’s branding, especially the GemEx Engine® platform.

By adopting this new colour scheme, Spica Technologies aims to create a more cohesive and polished visual experience for its users. As part of the rebranding, the GemEx App also unveiled its new logo. While retaining the iconic Luna icon that users are familiar with, the logo has been refreshed with colours that align seamlessly with the platform’s branding.  

Discover success stories from different industries that have harnessed the GemEx advantage. Our in-depth case study on GemEx App – a game-changing tool that’s revolutionising workplace management across various industries, including finance, technology, construction, real estate, and consultancy.  Our case study explores how GemEx App has been meticulously implemented and its far-reaching impact, demonstrating its effectiveness in the corporate world. Access the full case study here

Revamped Organisational Structure

Spica Technologies proudly introduced two dynamic Managing Directors:

  • Paul Jones was being named the Managing Director for Spica’s UK operations, effective Paul’s exceptional contributions to Spica since 2016 as Chief Operations Officer, coupled with his extensive three-decade industry experience, uniquely position him to lead the UK operations.
  • Lynda Gillson assumed the role of Managing Director for Spica’s Sweden operations. Having embarked on her Spica journey as Chief Product Officer in 2015, Lynda’s profound industry experience and in-depth knowledge position her as the ideal leader to propel Spica Sweden towards innovation and expansion. 

These leadership changes aligned with a broader organisational restructure within Spica Technologies. The company now comprise two distinct entities under the Nordomatic App Services banner:

  • Spica’s UK Operations: Focused on delivering its flagship solution, Spica Workplace®, with an emphasis on enhancing tenant experiences and creating smarter, more efficient office spaces. 
  • Spica’s Sweden Operations: Specialising in delivering cutting-edge Spica Connect® and Spica Energy® solutions, thereby enhancing the intelligence and responsiveness of buildings to meet evolving property owner requirements.

Booking Services Enhancements

At Spica Technologies, we are dedicated to enhancing your user experience, and we’re thrilled to introduce a remarkable update to our Booking Services feature. 

Introducing Booking Services Enhancements:

✨ Filter resources based on desired services
✨ Customise booking details effortlessly
✨ View available service categories
✨ Manage requests with ease

These enhancements empower you to streamline your communication with relevant teams, ensuring your service requests are fulfilled efficiently. Whether you’re booking resources for a meeting, event, or any other purpose, we’ve got you covered! To know more read our blog here:

Streamline Your Booking Experience with Spica Technologies’ Booking Services Enhancements

Spica Global Expansion

Spica Technologies celebrated significant strides in its global expansion efforts, with successful sensor installations in Finland optimizing customer experiences. The launch of our workplace app in Spain aims to empower users with seamless organization and efficiency. Venturing into South America, specifically Argentina, Spica introduced features like car parking reservations to enhance user experience in the dynamic South American market. These achievements signifies Spica’s vision to transform lives and businesses globally through innovative technology, extending gratitude to customers, partners, and employees for their support.

Spica’s Global Expansion: Breaking New Frontiers!

Media Spotlight – Recognition in the Press

Amidst the whirlwind of achievements, Spica Technologies found itself in the media spotlight throughout the year. Notable mentions include the Smart Building Series in partnership with legal company Hogan Lovell, highlighting the transformative impact of technology on modern workplaces (Read more). Additionally, our Head of New Business, Simon Hilton, shared insights with Smart Buildings Magazine on creating a healthy and collaborative work environment (Read more).

Women’s Day Webinar

Celebrating Diversity and Equity In honor of International Women’s Day 2023, Spica Technologies and Nordomatic hosted an internal webinar aimed at promoting gender equity in the workplace. The webinar featured discussions by our Software Delivery Manager, Product Designer, Business Delivery Manager, and Experts on BMS Applications, who shared their stories as women in tech and their perspectives on equity.

Over 140 participants from the UK and all over Europe joined the debate, contributing to a fantastic conversation. Nordomatic’s CEO, Olov Schagerlund, highlighted the company’s commitment to improving workplace diversity and raising its she-index score by 2025. We appreciate everyone’s participation in creating a more inclusive workplace.

Check the LinkedIn post here

As we wrap up 2023, we celebrate a year of innovation, collaboration, and global impact. From the revamped GemEx App to dynamic leadership changes, Spica Technologies continues to pioneer advancements in workplace management. As we step into the future, we express gratitude to our customers, partners, and employees for their unwavering support.